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pyrosetta.bindings.pose.PoseResidueAccessor Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __len__
def __iter__
def __reversed__
def __getitem__
def __iadd__
def __imul__

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Detailed Description

Accessor wrapper for pose objects providing a collection-like interface.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def pyrosetta.bindings.pose.PoseResidueAccessor.__init__ (   self,

Member Function Documentation

def pyrosetta.bindings.pose.PoseResidueAccessor.__getitem__ (   self,
1-based index and slice over residues.

Examples: pose.residues[3], pose.residues[2:6], pose.residues[:-3],
  pose.residues[2:], pose.residues[-1]

References ObjexxFCL.len(), basic::options::OptionKeys::relax::range.range, and pyrosetta.bindings.utility.slice_1base_indicies().

def pyrosetta.bindings.pose.PoseResidueAccessor.__iadd__ (   self,
Short notation for appending a residue to the end of a pose by bond. If the
terminal residue has Cterm variant type, the new appended residue will be
transferred the variant type. If the pose is empty, the residue will be
appended by jump for ease of use.

References ObjexxFCL.len(), PDB_IOBenchmark.pose, ScoreBenchmark.pose, SmallMoverBenchmark.pose, ShearMoverBenchmark.pose, and pyrosetta.bindings.pose.PoseResidueAccessor.pose.

def pyrosetta.bindings.pose.PoseResidueAccessor.__imul__ (   self,
Short notation for appending residues by jump to the terminal residue of a

References pyrosetta.bindings.utility.bind_property(), and ObjexxFCL.len().

def pyrosetta.bindings.pose.PoseResidueAccessor.__iter__ (   self)
Iterate over the residues within pose.

References ObjexxFCL.len(), and basic::options::OptionKeys::relax::range.range.

def pyrosetta.bindings.pose.PoseResidueAccessor.__len__ (   self)
The number of residues in pose.
def pyrosetta.bindings.pose.PoseResidueAccessor.__reversed__ (   self)
Iterate over the residues within pose in reverse order.
Must provide __reversed__ as accessor object does not support 0-based
indexing for the sequence protocol.

References ObjexxFCL.len(), and basic::options::OptionKeys::relax::range.range.

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