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numeric::interpolation::spline::PolycubicSplineBase Class Referenceabstract

#include <PolycubicSplineBase.hh>

Inheritance diagram for numeric::interpolation::spline::PolycubicSplineBase:
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Public Types

typedef numeric::Size Size

Public Member Functions

 PolycubicSplineBase ()
 Construct generic PolycubicSplineBase. More...
 PolycubicSplineBase (Size const dimensionality_in)
 Initialization constructor. More...
virtual ~PolycubicSplineBase ()
 Virtual destructor needed for polymorphism. More...
virtual PolycubicSplineBaseOP clone () const =0
 Pure virtual clone() function: returns an owning pointer to a copy of this object. More...
Size dimensionality () const
 Get the dimensionality of the derived class. More...

Protected Member Functions

void set_dimensionality (Size const dimensionality_in)
 Allow derived class to set the dimensionality. More...

Private Attributes

Size dimensionality_ = 0
 The dimensionality of the derived class. More...

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

numeric::interpolation::spline::PolycubicSplineBase::PolycubicSplineBase ( )

Construct generic PolycubicSplineBase.

numeric::interpolation::spline::PolycubicSplineBase::PolycubicSplineBase ( Size const  dimensionality_in)

Initialization constructor.

virtual numeric::interpolation::spline::PolycubicSplineBase::~PolycubicSplineBase ( )

Virtual destructor needed for polymorphism.

Member Function Documentation

virtual PolycubicSplineBaseOP numeric::interpolation::spline::PolycubicSplineBase::clone ( ) const
pure virtual

Pure virtual clone() function: returns an owning pointer to a copy of this object.

Must be implemented by derived classes.

Implemented in numeric::interpolation::spline::PolycubicSpline< 2 >, numeric::interpolation::spline::PolycubicSpline< 1 >, and numeric::interpolation::spline::PolycubicSpline< N >.

Referenced by numeric::interpolation::spline::deep_copy().

Size numeric::interpolation::spline::PolycubicSplineBase::dimensionality ( ) const

Get the dimensionality of the derived class.

Needed to allow pointer casts.

References dimensionality_.

void numeric::interpolation::spline::PolycubicSplineBase::set_dimensionality ( Size const  dimensionality_in)

Allow derived class to set the dimensionality.

References dimensionality_.

Member Data Documentation

Size numeric::interpolation::spline::PolycubicSplineBase::dimensionality_ = 0

The dimensionality of the derived class.

Referenced by dimensionality(), and set_dimensionality().

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