Rosetta  2021.16
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CSI_Sequence.hh File Reference

Terminal ASCII codes. More...

#include <utility/CSI_Sequence.fwd.hh>
#include <string>
#include <iosfwd>


class  utility::CSI_Sequence
 Class to hold all Terminal ASCII codes as static data for CSI_Sequence. Note: that on non-tty terminals the codes will not print to avoid polution of Rosetta logs. More...


 unresizable vector whose size is known at compile time, which may be allocated on the stack, and which indexes from 0.


CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_Nothing ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_Reset ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_Bold ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_Underline ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_Black ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_Red ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_Green ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_Yellow ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_Blue ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_Magenta ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_Cyan ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_White ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_Default ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_bgBlack ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_bgRed ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_bgGreen ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_bgYellow ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_bgBlue ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_bgMagenta ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_bgCyan ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_bgWhite ()
CSI_Sequence utility::CSI_bgDefault ()
std::ostream & utility::CSI::operator<< (std::ostream &os, CSI_Enum const &sq)

Detailed Description

Terminal ASCII codes.

Sergey Lyskov, by Caleb Geniesse