Rosetta  2021.16
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pyrosetta.tests.distributed.test_dask_worker.TestDaskArgs Class Reference
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def test_worker_extra

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def pyrosetta.tests.distributed.test_dask_worker.TestDaskArgs.test_worker_extra (   self)
worker_extra worker plugin controls rosetta flags and local dir.
pyrosetta.distributed.dask.worker_extra can be used to specify a set of
PyRosetta initialization flags and local directory information that will be used to
pre-initialize all worker processes in a dask cluster.
This provides support for protocols which may require command line
flags including (e.g. additional residue types, logging flags, ...).

References pyrosetta.tests.distributed.test_dask.format, pyrosetta.distributed.dask.init_notebook(), fmt.join(), ObjexxFCL.len(),, basic::options::OptionKeys::docking::ligand.protocol, and pyrosetta.distributed.dask.worker_extra().

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