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utility::excn::RangeError Class Reference

#include <Exceptions.hh>

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- Public Member Functions inherited from utility::excn::Exception
 Exception ()=delete
 Exception (char const *file, int line, std::string const &msg)
 ~Exception () override
virtual void display () const
 Present this exception to the user. Will invoke crash log reporting, if applicable. More...
virtual void crash_log () const
 Invoke a crash log for throwing this exception. If your exception is one which is a "non-error" exception, override this function to do nothing. More...
void show (std::ostream &) const
std::string msg () const
 Will return a formatted message (with file/line information) More...
std::string raw_msg () const
 Will return the raw message (without file/line information) More...
void msg (std::string const &m)
 Will set the raw message. More...
void add_msg (std::string const &str)
void prepend_to_msg (std::string const &str)
std::string const & file ()
int line ()
std::string const & traceback ()

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