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numeric::expression_parser::NaryExpression Class Reference

#include <Arithmetic.hh>

Inheritance diagram for numeric::expression_parser::NaryExpression:
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Private Attributes

utility::vector1< ExpressionCOPexpressions_

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from numeric::expression_parser::Expression
 ~Expression () override
 Automatically generated virtual destructor for class deriving directly from VirtualBase. More...
virtual numeric::Real operator() () const =0
virtual ExpressionCOP differentiate (std::string const &varname) const =0
 Returns the expression for the partial derivative of this expression by the variable named varname. If the partial derivative is always zero with respect to varname, returns null. More...
virtual std::list< std::string > active_variables () const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from utility::VirtualBase
 VirtualBase ()=default
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~VirtualBase ()=default
 The virtual destructor is one of the main reasons for the VirtualBase class. More...
 VirtualBase (VirtualBase const &)=default
 VirtualBase (VirtualBase &&)=default
VirtualBaseoperator= (VirtualBase const &)=default
VirtualBaseoperator= (VirtualBase &&)=default

Member Data Documentation

utility::vector1< ExpressionCOP > numeric::expression_parser::NaryExpression::expressions_

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