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pyrosetta.distributed.viewer.core Namespace Reference


class  Viewer
class  ViewerInputError


def init
def expand_notebook


tuple _logger = logging.getLogger("pyrosetta.distributed.viewer")

Function Documentation

def pyrosetta.distributed.viewer.core.expand_notebook ( )
Expand Jupyter notebook cell to maximum width.
def pyrosetta.distributed.viewer.core.init (   packed_and_poses_and_pdbs = None,
  window_size = None,
  modules = None,
  delay = None,
  continuous_update = None,
Initialize the Viewer object.

first : required

    `PackedPose`, `Pose`, or `str` of a valid path to a .pdb file, or a `list`, `set`, or `tuple` of these objects.

second : optional

    `list` or `tuple` of `int` or `float` values for the (width, height) dimensions of the displayed window screen size.
    Default: (1200, 800)

third : optional

    `list` of instantiated visualization modules to run upon changing amongst `packed_and_poses_and_pdbs` objects
    with the slider, matching the namespace `pyrosetta.distributed.viewer.set*`
    Default: []

fourth : optional

    `float` or `int` time delay in seconds before rendering the Viewer in a Jupyter notebook, which is useful to prevent
    overburdening the Jupyter notebook client if `for` looping over quick modifications to a `Pose`, and should be >= 0.
    Default: 0.25

fifth : optional

    `True` or `False`. When using the interactive slider widget, `False` restricts rendering to mouse release events.
    Default: False

A Viewer instance.

References ObjexxFCL.len(),,, pyrosetta.distributed.packed_pose.core.to_pose(), DRRAFTER.type, and

Referenced by pyrosetta.distributed.viewer.core.ViewerInputError.__init__().

Variable Documentation

tuple pyrosetta.distributed.viewer.core._logger = logging.getLogger("pyrosetta.distributed.viewer")