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Tracer.hh File Reference

Tracer IO system. More...

#include <basic/Tracer.fwd.hh>
#include <basic/TracerImpl.hh>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <utility/CSI_Sequence.hh>


class  basic::Tracer
 Class for handling user debug/warnings/errors. Use instance of this class instead of 'std::cout' for all your regular io. Channel argument must be related to the location of the source file. For example if you create Tracer object in src/basic/scoring/, then channel must be something like 'basic.scoring.myfile'. More...
class  basic::Tracer::TracerProxy
class  basic::PyTracer
 Special PyRosetta friendly Tracer like buffer. Use it to capture Tracer output with set_ios_hook. More...


 Tags used to tag messeges sent by MPI functions used to decide whether a slave is requesting a new job id or flagging as job as being a bad input.


Tracer & basic::Error ()
 Predefined Error-level tracer, for use in headers. More...
Tracer & basic::Warning ()
 Predefined Warning tracer, for use in headers. More...

Detailed Description

Tracer IO system.

Sergey Lyskov
Rocco Moretti (