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pyrosetta.distributed.viewer.modules.setStyle Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def apply

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

Show and color cartoon, and/or show heavy atoms with provided style, color and radius for each initialized
`.pdb` file, `Pose` or `PackedPose` object. If the `residue_selector` argument is provided, apply styles
only to the selected residues. If the `command` argument is provided, override all other arguments and pass
`py3Dmol.view.setStyle()` commands to the Viewer.

first : optional
    An instance of `` on which to apply the style(s).
    Default: None

second : optional
    `True` or `False` to show cartoon representation.
    Default: True

third : optional
    Hexcode literal (e.g. 0xAF10AB) or `str` indicating a standard color (e.g. "grey") for the cartoon representation.
    If "spectrum", apply reversed color gradient based on residue numbers. The option `cartoon` must also be set to `True`.
    Default: "spectrum"

fourth : optional

    `str` indicating a representation style of heavy atoms, choosing from either "line", "cross", "stick", or "sphere".
    Default: "stick"

fifth : optional
    `str` indicating the color scheme for heavy atoms represented by the `style` option. Options include:
        A lower-case standard color followed by "Carbon" (e.g. "orangeCarbon")
        "ssPyMOL": PyMol secondary colorscheme
        "ssJmol": Jmol secondary colorscheme
        "Jmol": Jmol primary colorscheme
        "default": default colorscheme
        "amino": amino acid colorscheme
        "shapely": shapely protien colorscheme
        "nucleic": nucleic acid colorscheme
        "chain": standard chain colorscheme
        "chainHetatm": chain Hetatm colorscheme
    Default: "blackCarbon"
sixth : optional

    `float` or `int` indicating the radius of the heavy atoms represented by the `style` option.
    Default: 0.1

seventh : optional

    `True` or `False` to show labels next to residues selected by the `residue_selector` option. 
    Default: True

eighth : optional

    `int` or `float` indicating the font size of labels next to residues selected by the `residue_selector` option,
    only if `label` is `True`.
    Default: 12

ninth : optional

    `True` or `False` to show the background of labels next to residues selected by the `residue_selector` option,
    only if `label` is `True`.
    Default: False

tenth : optional

    `str` indicating a standard font color (e.g. "grey") for label text next to residues selected by the `residue_selector` option,
    only if `label` is `True`.
    Default: "black"

eleventh : optional
    `dict` or `tuple` of `dict`s of `py3Dmol.view.setStyle()` commands. If specified, this option overrides all other options.
    Default: None
        command = {"hetflag": True}, {"stick": {"singleBond": False, "colorscheme": "greyCarbon", "radius": 0.15}}
        view = viewer.init(poses) + viewer.setStyle(command=command)

A Viewer instance.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def pyrosetta.distributed.viewer.modules.setStyle.__init__ (   self,
  residue_selector = None,
  cartoon = True,
  cartoon_color = "spectrum",
  style = "stick",
  colorscheme = "blackCarbon",
  radius = "0.1",
  label = True,
  label_fontsize = 12,
  label_background = False,
  label_fontcolor = "black",
  command = None 

Member Function Documentation

def pyrosetta.distributed.viewer.modules.setStyle.apply (   self,

Member Data Documentation


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