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numeric::IntervalSet_Double Class Reference

#include <IntervalSet.hh>

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- Public Member Functions inherited from numeric::IntervalSet< double >
 IntervalSet ()
 IntervalSet (T start, T end)
 IntervalSet (T start1, T end1, T start2, T end2)
utility::vector0< T > const & endpoints () const
 vector of interval set end points More...
void clear ()
 clear the contents More...
void set (T start, T end)
 set the inverval set to contain a single interval More...
void set (T start1, T end1, T start2, T end2)
 set the interval set to contain two intervals More...
void push_back (T start, T end)
 add an interval to the end of the set More...
T length ()
 calculate the total length of all the intervals More...
bool is_inside (T point)
 determine if a point is within one of the intervals More...
IntervalSet operator& (IntervalSet const &right)
 calculate the intersection of two IntervalSets More...
T random_point (random::RandomGenerator &RG)
 pick a random number uniformly from all the intervals More...

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