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ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression Class Referenceabstract

DimensionExpression: DimensionExpression Interface Class. More...

#include <DimensionExpression.hh>

Inheritance diagram for ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression:
Inheritance graph

Public Member Functions

virtual DimensionExpressionclone () const =0
 Clone. More...
virtual DimensionExpressionclone (Dimension const &) const =0
 Clone with Dimension Substitution. More...
virtual ~DimensionExpression ()
 Destructor. More...
 operator int () const
 int Conversion More...
 operator double () const
 double Conversion More...
virtual bool initialized () const =0
 Initialized? More...
virtual bool integer () const =0
 Integer? More...
virtual bool constant () const =0
 Constant? More...
virtual bool reference () const =0
 Reference? More...
virtual bool reducible () const =0
 Reducible? More...
virtual double operator() () const =0
 Value. More...
virtual double value () const =0
 Value. More...
virtual int ivalue () const
 Integer Value. More...
virtual int zvalue () const
 Integer Value: Zero if Uninitialized. More...
virtual void insert_observer (Observer &) const =0
 Insert an Observer. More...
virtual void remove_observer (Observer &) const =0
 Remove an Observer. More...
virtual void destructed (Subject const &)=0
 Update for Destruction of a Subject. More...

Protected Member Functions

 DimensionExpression ()
 Default Constructor. More...
 DimensionExpression (DimensionExpression const &)
 Copy Constructor. More...

Private Member Functions

DimensionExpressionoperator= (DimensionExpression const &)
 Copy Assignment. More...

Detailed Description

DimensionExpression: DimensionExpression Interface Class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::DimensionExpression ( )

Default Constructor.

ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::DimensionExpression ( DimensionExpression const &  )

Copy Constructor.

virtual ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::~DimensionExpression ( )


Member Function Documentation

virtual DimensionExpression* ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::clone ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual DimensionExpression* ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::clone ( Dimension const &  ) const
pure virtual
virtual bool ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::constant ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual void ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::destructed ( Subject const &  )
pure virtual
virtual bool ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::initialized ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual void ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::insert_observer ( Observer ) const
pure virtual
virtual bool ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::integer ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual int ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::ivalue ( ) const
ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::operator double ( ) const

double Conversion

References initialized(), and value().

ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::operator int ( ) const

int Conversion

References initialized(), and value().

virtual double ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::operator() ( ) const
pure virtual
DimensionExpression& ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::operator= ( DimensionExpression const &  )

Copy Assignment.

virtual bool ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::reducible ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual bool ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::reference ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual void ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::remove_observer ( Observer ) const
pure virtual
virtual double ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::value ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual int ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::zvalue ( ) const

Integer Value: Zero if Uninitialized.

Reimplemented in ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpressionPow.

References initialized(), and value().

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