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core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues Class Reference

#include <OperateOnCertainResidues.hh>

Inheritance diagram for core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues:
Inheritance graph

Public Types

typedef TaskOperation parent
typedef utility::tag::TagCOP TagCOP
typedef pose::Pose Pose
typedef utility::vector1< SizeResidueIndices
- Public Types inherited from core::pack::task::operation::TaskOperation
typedef utility::tag::TagCOP TagCOP
typedef basic::datacache::DataMap DataMap
typedef pose::Pose Pose

Public Member Functions

 OperateOnCertainResidues ()
 OperateOnCertainResidues (ResLvlTaskOperationOP, ResFilterOP)
 OperateOnCertainResidues (OperateOnCertainResidues const &)
OperateOnCertainResiduesoperator= (OperateOnCertainResidues const &)
 ~OperateOnCertainResidues () override
TaskOperationOP clone () const override
 Create another task operation of the type matching the most-derived version of the class. More...
void apply (Pose const &, PackerTask &) const override
 Change a packer task in some way. The input pose is the one to which the input task will be later applied. More...
void residue_indices (ResidueIndices const &)
 supports direct limitation of residues to be affected, without the need for a filter More...
ResidueIndicesresidue_indices ()
ResidueIndices const & residue_indices () const
void op (ResLvlTaskOperationCOP)
 sets the ResLvlTaskOperation that will be applied to residues More...
void filter (ResFilterCOP)
 sets an optional filter that is applied to each individual residue More...
void parse_tag (TagCOP, DataMap &) override
 Used to parse an xml-like tag to construct the ResLvlTaskOperation and the ResFilter. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from core::pack::task::operation::TaskOperation
 ~TaskOperation () override
virtual bool task_operation_provides_citation_info () const
 Does this task operation provide information about how to cite it? More...
virtual utility::vector1
< basic::citation_manager::CitationCollectionCOP > 
provide_citation_info () const
 Provide the citation. More...
virtual bool task_operation_is_unpublished () const
 Does this task_operation indicate that it is unpublished (and, by extension, that the author should be included in publications resulting from it)? More...
virtual utility::vector1
< basic::citation_manager::UnpublishedModuleInfoCOP > 
provide_authorship_info_for_unpublished () const
 Provide a list of authors and their e-mail addresses, as strings. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string keyname ()
static void provide_xml_schema (utility::tag::XMLSchemaDefinition &xsd)

Private Attributes

ResidueIndices residue_indices_
ResLvlTaskOperationOP op_
ResFilterOP filter_

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues::OperateOnCertainResidues ( )
core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues::OperateOnCertainResidues ( ResLvlTaskOperationOP  rlto,
ResFilterOP  filter 
core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues::OperateOnCertainResidues ( OperateOnCertainResidues const &  src)
core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues::~OperateOnCertainResidues ( )

Member Function Documentation

void core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues::apply ( Pose const &  ,
) const
TaskOperationOP core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues::clone ( ) const

Create another task operation of the type matching the most-derived version of the class.

Implements core::pack::task::operation::TaskOperation.

void core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues::filter ( ResFilterCOP  filter_in)

sets an optional filter that is applied to each individual residue

References filter_.

std::string core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues::keyname ( )
void core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues::op ( ResLvlTaskOperationCOP  op_in)
OperateOnCertainResidues & core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues::operator= ( OperateOnCertainResidues const &  src)
void core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues::parse_tag ( TagCOP  tag,

Used to parse an xml-like tag to construct the ResLvlTaskOperation and the ResFilter.

tag parsing for factory construction of this class and its children

Example Tag syntax for parser as of Summer 2009

<OperateOnCertainResidues name="PROTEINnopack"> <PreventRepackingRLT> <ResidueHasProperty property="PROTEIN/"> </OperateOnCertainResidues>

Reimplemented from core::pack::task::operation::TaskOperation.

References filter_, core::pack::task::operation::ResFilterFactory::has_type(), core::pack::task::operation::ResFilterFactory::newResFilter(), op_, and core::pack::task::operation::TR().

void core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues::provide_xml_schema ( utility::tag::XMLSchemaDefinition &  xsd)
void core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues::residue_indices ( ResidueIndices const &  )
ResidueIndices& core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues::residue_indices ( )

References residue_indices_.

ResidueIndices const& core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues::residue_indices ( ) const

References residue_indices_.

Member Data Documentation

ResFilterOP core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues::filter_

Referenced by apply(), filter(), operator=(), and parse_tag().

ResLvlTaskOperationOP core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues::op_

Referenced by apply(), op(), operator=(), and parse_tag().

ResidueIndices core::pack::task::operation::OperateOnCertainResidues::residue_indices_

Referenced by apply(), operator=(), and residue_indices().

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