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protocols::constel::MasterFilter Class Reference

#include <MasterFilter.hh>

Public Types

typedef bool(* FiltPtr )(core::pose::Pose const &ps, utility::vector1< core::Size > const &cnl)

Static Public Member Functions

static void addfilt (FiltPtr f)
 Adds a filter to the 'filters' array. More...
static bool is_constel_valid (core::pose::Pose const &ps, utility::vector1< core::Size > const &cnl)
 Tells whether a constellation is valid. More...

Static Private Attributes

static utility::vector1< FiltPtrfilters
 Array of filters applied to a constellation. More...

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef bool(* protocols::constel::MasterFilter::FiltPtr)(core::pose::Pose const &ps, utility::vector1< core::Size > const &cnl)

Member Function Documentation

void protocols::constel::MasterFilter::addfilt ( FiltPtr  f)

Adds a filter to the 'filters' array.

Adds a filter to the array of filters.

[in]fpointer to the filter.

References filters.

bool protocols::constel::MasterFilter::is_constel_valid ( core::pose::Pose const &  ps,
utility::vector1< core::Size > const &  cnl 

Tells whether a constellation is valid.

[in]pspose to which all residues forming the constellation belong.
[in]cnlindexes in the pose of the residues forming the constellation.
true if the constellation is valid, false otherwise.

Currently, a constellation is deemed to be valid if and only if it passes all the filters. It is up to the user to decide which filters are to be applied.

References filters.

Referenced by protocols::constel::pair_constel_set(), protocols::constel::pair_constel_set_idx2(), protocols::constel::target_constel(), and protocols::constel::triple_constel_set_idx3().

Member Data Documentation

utility::vector1< MasterFilter::FiltPtr > protocols::constel::MasterFilter::filters

Array of filters applied to a constellation.

Referenced by addfilt(), and is_constel_valid().

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