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protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub Class Reference

#include <HotspotStub.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 HotspotStub ()
 no-argument constructor REQUIRED FOR WINDOWS More...
 HotspotStub (core::conformation::ResidueCOP const &residue, core::Real const bonus_value, core::pose::PoseOP pose, core::Size chain_to_design, protocols::filters::FilterCOP filter)
 HotspotStub (HotspotStub const &src)
 ~HotspotStub () override
HotspotStuboperator= (HotspotStub const &src)
bool operator< (HotspotStub const &right) const
core::Real bonus_value () const
 Return this potential hotspot's bonus value. More...
core::conformation::ResidueCOP residue () const
 Return the residue associated with this potential hotspot. More...
void set_scaffold_status (core::Size const seqpos, StubStatus const status)
 Set status at position. More...
bool get_scaffold_status (core::Size const seqpos)
 Get status at position (setting status if not set) More...
void set_filter (protocols::filters::FilterCOP filter)
core::Size get_nearest_residue (core::pose::Pose const &pose) const
 find the residue that's closest to the stub on chain_to_design_ More...

Private Member Functions

void pair_with_scaffold ()
 Associate this stub with its set's scaffold for design. More...
void pair_with_scaffold (core::pose::PoseOP pose, protocols::filters::FilterCOP filter, core::Size chain_to_design)
bool scaffold_match (core::Size const seqpos)
 Check the stub's match to scaffold position. More...

Private Attributes

core::conformation::ResidueCOP residue_
core::Real bonus_value_
core::pose::PoseOP pose_
protocols::filters::FilterCOP filter_
core::Size chain_to_design_
std::vector< StubStatusscaffold_status_


class HotspotStubSet

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HotspotStub() [1/3]

protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::HotspotStub ( )

no-argument constructor REQUIRED FOR WINDOWS

◆ HotspotStub() [2/3]

protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::HotspotStub ( core::conformation::ResidueCOP const &  residue,
core::Real const  bonus_value,
core::pose::PoseOP  pose,
core::Size  chain_to_design,
protocols::filters::FilterCOP  filter 

◆ HotspotStub() [3/3]

protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::HotspotStub ( HotspotStub const &  src)

◆ ~HotspotStub()

protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::~HotspotStub ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ bonus_value()

core::Real protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::bonus_value ( ) const

Return this potential hotspot's bonus value.

References bonus_value_.

◆ get_nearest_residue()

core::Size protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::get_nearest_residue ( core::pose::Pose const &  pose) const

◆ get_scaffold_status()

bool protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::get_scaffold_status ( core::Size const  seqpos)

Get status at position (setting status if not set)

Get status, setting if unchecked.

References protocols::hotspot_hashing::accept, chain_to_design_, pose_, scaffold_match(), scaffold_status_, and protocols::hotspot_hashing::unchecked.

◆ operator<()

bool protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::operator< ( HotspotStub const &  right) const

References bonus_value_.

◆ operator=()

HotspotStub & protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::operator= ( HotspotStub const &  src)

◆ pair_with_scaffold() [1/2]

void protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::pair_with_scaffold ( )

Associate this stub with its set's scaffold for design.

create scaffold_status_ appropriate for given scaffold and set it all to unchecked

References chain_to_design_, pose_, scaffold_status_, and protocols::hotspot_hashing::unchecked.

◆ pair_with_scaffold() [2/2]

void protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::pair_with_scaffold ( core::pose::PoseOP  pose,
protocols::filters::FilterCOP  filter,
core::Size  chain_to_design 

◆ residue()

core::conformation::ResidueCOP protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::residue ( ) const

Return the residue associated with this potential hotspot.

References residue_.

Referenced by get_nearest_residue().

◆ scaffold_match()

bool protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::scaffold_match ( core::Size const  seqpos)

◆ set_filter()

void protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::set_filter ( protocols::filters::FilterCOP  filter)

References filter_.

◆ set_scaffold_status()

void protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::set_scaffold_status ( core::Size const  seqpos,
StubStatus const  status 

Set status at position.

manually set scaffold status

References chain_to_design_, pose_, and scaffold_status_.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ HotspotStubSet

friend class HotspotStubSet

Member Data Documentation

◆ bonus_value_

core::Real protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::bonus_value_

Referenced by bonus_value(), operator<(), and operator=().

◆ chain_to_design_

core::Size protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::chain_to_design_

◆ filter_

protocols::filters::FilterCOP protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::filter_

◆ pose_

core::pose::PoseOP protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::pose_

◆ residue_

core::conformation::ResidueCOP protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::residue_

Referenced by operator=(), residue(), and scaffold_match().

◆ scaffold_status_

std::vector<StubStatus> protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::scaffold_status_

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