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protocols::features::Segment Struct Reference

#include <ModelFeatures.hh>

Public Attributes

core::Size id
core::Size begin
core::Size end
std::string dssp
numeric::xyzVector< core::Realfirst_pc


bool operator< (Segment const &a, Segment const &b)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ operator<

bool operator< ( Segment const &  a,
Segment const &  b 

Member Data Documentation

◆ begin

core::Size protocols::features::Segment::begin

◆ dssp

std::string protocols::features::Segment::dssp

◆ end

core::Size protocols::features::Segment::end

◆ first_pc

numeric::xyzVector< core::Real > protocols::features::Segment::first_pc

◆ id

core::Size protocols::features::Segment::id

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