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protocols::motif_grafting::movers Namespace Reference

...and belongs to the movers class... More...


struct  motif2scaffold_data
 structure that contains the motif2scaffold_indexes data in a vector and adds fields for fragment matching information More...
struct  motif2scaffold_indexes
 structure that contains the data of corresponding fragments in the motif and scaffold More...
class  MotifGraftCreator
class  MotifGraftMover
class  MotifMatch


static basic::Tracer TR ("protocols.motif_grafting.movers.MotifGraftMover")
 Global class rosetta protocols tracer. More...
bool compare_motif2scaffold_data_by_scaffold_low2high (motif2scaffold_indexes const &a, motif2scaffold_indexes const &b)

Detailed Description

...and belongs to the movers class...

Function Documentation

bool protocols::motif_grafting::movers::compare_motif2scaffold_data_by_scaffold_low2high ( motif2scaffold_indexes const &  a,
motif2scaffold_indexes const &  b 
static basic::Tracer protocols::motif_grafting::movers::TR ( "protocols.motif_grafting.movers.MotifGraftMover"  )