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core::simple_metrics::per_residue_metrics Namespace Reference


class  HbondMetric
 A metric to report the total h-bonds residues from a selection to all [OTHER] residues, or from a set of residues to another set of residues. If No selection is given, will report ALL vs ALL. More...
class  PerResidueClashMetric
 A SimpleMetric that calculates the total number of atom-atom clashes from a residue in a residue selector to all other residues defined in a second residue selector using the LJ radius of each atom. More...
class  PerResidueDensityFitMetric
 A per-residue metric that will calculate the density fit for each residue using either a correlation or a zscore. More...
class  PerResidueEnergyMetric
 A per-residue metric that will calculate/output per residue total energies or a specific score component. WEIGHTED. Correctly decomposes energies to per-residue. More...
class  PerResidueGlycanLayerMetric
 A metric that outputs the layer of the glycan tree as measured by the residue distance to the root. More...
class  PerResidueRMSDMetric
 A per-residue metric thtat will calculate the RMSD for each residue given in a residue selector to a reference pose. More...
class  PerResidueSasaMetric
 A per-residue metric that will calculate SASA for each residue given in a selector. More...
class  SidechainNeighborCountMetric
 A metric for calculating each sidechains neighbors based on cones. This metric uses the same core code as the LayerSelector. It can be combined with the SimpleMetricSelector to select any set of residues based on burial. More...
class  SidechainNeighborCountMetricCreator
class  WaterMediatedHbondMetric
 A metric to measure hydrogen bonds between a set of residues that are water-mediated. More...
class  WaterMediatedHbondMetricCreator
class  HbondMetricCreator
class  PerResidueClashMetricCreator
class  PerResidueEnergyMetricCreator
class  PerResidueGlycanLayerMetricCreator
class  PerResidueSasaMetricCreator
class  PerResidueRMSDMetricCreator
class  PerResidueDensityFitMetricCreator


using HbondMetricOP = utility::pointer::shared_ptr< HbondMetric >
using HbondMetricCOP = utility::pointer::shared_ptr< HbondMetric const >
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< PerResidueClashMetricPerResidueClashMetricOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< PerResidueClashMetric const > PerResidueClashMetricCOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< PerResidueDensityFitMetricPerResidueDensityFitMetricOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< PerResidueDensityFitMetric const > PerResidueDensityFitMetricCOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< PerResidueEnergyMetricPerResidueEnergyMetricOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< PerResidueEnergyMetric const > PerResidueEnergyMetricCOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< PerResidueGlycanLayerMetricPerResidueGlycanLayerMetricOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< PerResidueGlycanLayerMetric const > PerResidueGlycanLayerMetricCOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< PerResidueRMSDMetricPerResidueRMSDMetricOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< PerResidueRMSDMetric const > PerResidueRMSDMetricCOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< PerResidueSasaMetricPerResidueSasaMetricOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< PerResidueSasaMetric const > PerResidueSasaMetricCOP
using SidechainNeighborCountMetricOP = utility::pointer::shared_ptr< SidechainNeighborCountMetric >
using SidechainNeighborCountMetricCOP = utility::pointer::shared_ptr< SidechainNeighborCountMetric const >
using WaterMediatedHbondMetricOP = utility::pointer::shared_ptr< WaterMediatedHbondMetric >
using WaterMediatedHbondMetricCOP = utility::pointer::shared_ptr< WaterMediatedHbondMetric const >

Typedef Documentation

◆ HbondMetricCOP

using core::simple_metrics::per_residue_metrics::HbondMetricCOP = typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< HbondMetric const >

◆ HbondMetricOP

using core::simple_metrics::per_residue_metrics::HbondMetricOP = typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< HbondMetric >

◆ PerResidueClashMetricCOP

◆ PerResidueClashMetricOP

◆ PerResidueDensityFitMetricCOP

◆ PerResidueDensityFitMetricOP

◆ PerResidueEnergyMetricCOP

◆ PerResidueEnergyMetricOP

◆ PerResidueGlycanLayerMetricCOP

◆ PerResidueGlycanLayerMetricOP

◆ PerResidueRMSDMetricCOP

◆ PerResidueRMSDMetricOP

◆ PerResidueSasaMetricCOP

◆ PerResidueSasaMetricOP

◆ SidechainNeighborCountMetricCOP

◆ SidechainNeighborCountMetricOP

◆ WaterMediatedHbondMetricCOP

◆ WaterMediatedHbondMetricOP