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protocols::loophash::MPI_LoopHashRefine_Emperor Class Reference

#include <MPI_LoopHashRefine_Emperor.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 MPI_LoopHashRefine_Emperor ()
 ~MPI_LoopHashRefine_Emperor () override=default
void set_defaults ()
void go () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::loophash::MPI_LoopHashRefine
 MPI_LoopHashRefine (char machine_letter)
void set_defaults ()
 ~MPI_LoopHashRefine () override=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::wum::MPI_WorkUnitManager
 MPI_WorkUnitManager (char machine_letter)
 ~MPI_WorkUnitManager () override=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::wum::WorkUnitManager
 WorkUnitManager ()
 ~WorkUnitManager () override=default
void register_work_units (const protocols::wum::WorkUnitList &work_unit_list)
WorkUnitQueueoutbound ()
WorkUnitQueueinbound ()
const WorkUnitQueueoutbound () const
const WorkUnitQueueinbound () const

Protected Member Functions

void init () override
void process_inbound_wus () override
void process_outbound_wus () override
bool add_structures_to_library (protocols::wum::SilentStructStore &new_structs, std::string add_algorithm="") override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from protocols::loophash::MPI_LoopHashRefine
void load_structures_from_cmdline_into_library (core::Size structure_read_offset)
void save_state (std::string prefix="default")
void save_state_auto ()
void load_state (std::string prefix="default")
void print_stats () override
 Print a line with general run statistics, now. More...
void print_library ()
virtual bool add_structure_to_library (core::io::silent::SilentStruct &pss, std::string add_algorithm="")
bool add_structure_to_library_direct (core::io::silent::SilentStruct &pss)
bool add_structure_to_library_add_n_replace (core::io::silent::SilentStruct &pss)
bool add_structure_to_library_single_replace (core::io::silent::SilentStruct &pss)
void send_random_library_struct (core::Size dest_rank, core::Size ssid) const
void limit_library ()
void dump_structures (const protocols::wum::SilentStructStore &new_structs, bool score_only=true) const
void set_ident_string (std::string new_ident)
const std::string & mpi_resume ()
core::Sizetotaltime_loophash ()
protocols::wum::SilentStructStorelibrary_central ()
const std::string & mpi_feedback ()
void set_mpi_feedback (const std::string &mpi_feedback)
core::Size max_lib_size ()
void set_max_lib_size (core::Size max_lib_size)
core::Real objective_function (const core::io::silent::SilentStructOP &ss) const
core::Real score (const core::io::silent::SilentStructOP &ss) const
std::string format_silent_struct (const core::io::silent::SilentStructOP &ss) const
core::Real objective_function (const core::io::silent::SilentStruct &ss) const
core::Real score (const core::io::silent::SilentStruct &ss) const
std::string format_silent_struct (const core::io::silent::SilentStruct &ss) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from protocols::wum::MPI_WorkUnitManager
virtual void print_stats_auto ()
 Print a line with general run statistics, only if enough time has pased since the last statistics printout. More...
void reset_timing_stats ()
 Reset all the stats counters. More...
void process_incoming_msgs (bool wait_until_message=false)
 MPI Communication function. More...
void send_MPI_workunit (const WorkUnitBaseOP &wu, int dest_rank) const
 Send a workunit to an arbitrary recipient. More...
void receive_MPI_workunit (core::Size node_rank=MPI_ANY_SOURCE)
 Receive a workunit and add it to the inbound queue. By default accept any workunit or accept a specific source rank. Note that this function is blocking and will onyl return once a workunit has been received. More...
void send_next_WU_on_request ()
char get_machine_letter ()
 How many masters are there in total ? More...
core::Real start_timer (MPI_TIMING timing_mode) const
 This initiates a new timer block. Note that there is no end_timer() function - you just keep calling start_timer, which automatically ends the previous block (and records times etc) More...
void print_timing_stats ()
 Display the timing statistics. More...
long wall_time () const
 Return the total life time of this class in seconds. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from protocols::wum::WorkUnitManager
const protocols::wum::WorkUnitListwork_unit_list () const
protocols::wum::WorkUnitListwork_unit_list ()
void write_queues_to_file (const std::string &prefix="default") const
void write_work_unit (const WorkUnitBaseOP &wu, std::ostream &out) const
void write_queue (const WorkUnitQueue &the_queue, std::ostream &out) const
void read_queues_from_file (const std::string &prefix="default")
bool read_work_unit (WorkUnitBaseOP &qualified_wu, std::istream &in)
void read_queue (WorkUnitQueue &the_queue, std::istream &in)
core::Size mem_foot_print () const
 return total memory foot print in bytes More...

Private Attributes

core::Size max_emperor_lib_round_

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from protocols::wum::WorkUnitManager
typedef WorkUnitQueue::iterator iterator
typedef WorkUnitQueue::const_iterator const_iterator
- Protected Types inherited from protocols::wum::MPI_WorkUnitManager
enum  MPI_TIMING {
- Protected Attributes inherited from protocols::loophash::MPI_LoopHashRefine
core::Size totaltime_loophash_
core::Size n_loophash_
core::Size totaltime_batchrelax_
core::Size n_batchrelax_
core::Size total_structures_
core::Size total_structures_relax_
core::Size total_metropolis_
core::Size total_metropolis_accepts_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MPI_LoopHashRefine_Emperor()

protocols::loophash::MPI_LoopHashRefine_Emperor::MPI_LoopHashRefine_Emperor ( )

References set_defaults().

◆ ~MPI_LoopHashRefine_Emperor()

protocols::loophash::MPI_LoopHashRefine_Emperor::~MPI_LoopHashRefine_Emperor ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_structures_to_library()

bool protocols::loophash::MPI_LoopHashRefine_Emperor::add_structures_to_library ( protocols::wum::SilentStructStore new_structs,
std::string  add_algorithm = "" 

◆ go()

void protocols::loophash::MPI_LoopHashRefine_Emperor::go ( )

◆ init()

void protocols::loophash::MPI_LoopHashRefine_Emperor::init ( void  )

◆ process_inbound_wus()

void protocols::loophash::MPI_LoopHashRefine_Emperor::process_inbound_wus ( )

◆ process_outbound_wus()

void protocols::loophash::MPI_LoopHashRefine_Emperor::process_outbound_wus ( )

◆ set_defaults()

void protocols::loophash::MPI_LoopHashRefine_Emperor::set_defaults ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ max_emperor_lib_round_

core::Size protocols::loophash::MPI_LoopHashRefine_Emperor::max_emperor_lib_round_

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