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core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge Class Referenceabstract

#include <OnTheFlyInteractionGraph.hh>

Inheritance diagram for core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge:
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Public Member Functions

 ~OnTheFlyEdge () override
 OnTheFlyEdge (InteractionGraphBase *owner, int first_node_ind, int second_node_ind)
void set_ProCorrection_values (int node_not_necessarily_proline, int state, core::PackerEnergy bb_regbb_E, core::PackerEnergy bb_probb_E, core::PackerEnergy sc_regbb_E, core::PackerEnergy sc_probb_E)
void set_GlyCorrection_values (int node_not_necessarily_glycine, int state, core::PackerEnergy bb_regbb_E, core::PackerEnergy bb_glybb_E, core::PackerEnergy sc_regbb_E, core::PackerEnergy sc_glybb_E)
core::PackerEnergy get_proline_correction_for_node (int node_ind, int state) const
core::PackerEnergy get_glycine_correction_for_node (int node_ind, int state) const
unsigned int count_static_memory () const override=0
unsigned int count_dynamic_memory () const override
bool long_range_interactions_exist () const
bool short_range_interactions_exist () const
void note_long_range_interactions_exist ()
void note_short_range_interactions_exist ()
ResiduePairEvalType eval_type (int node_index) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from core::pack::interaction_graph::FixedBBEdge
 ~FixedBBEdge () override
 FixedBBEdge (InteractionGraphBase *owner, int first_node_ind, int second_node_ind)
virtual void set_sparse_aa_info (ObjexxFCL::FArray2_bool const &sparse_conn_info)=0
virtual bool get_sparse_aa_info (int node1aa, int node2aa) const =0
virtual void force_aa_neighbors (int node1aa, int node2aa)=0
virtual void force_all_aa_neighbors ()=0
virtual core::PackerEnergy get_two_body_energy (int const, int const ) const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from core::pack::interaction_graph::EdgeBase
virtual ~EdgeBase ()
 copy constructor, do not use More...
 EdgeBase (InteractionGraphBase *owner, int first_node_ind, int second_node_ind)
 main constructor for edge, no default nor copy constructors More...
int get_other_ind (int callers_index) const
 returns the index of the other node that the edge is incident upon More...
NodeBaseget_other_node (int callers_index) const
 returns a pointer to the other node that the edge is incident upon More...
int get_first_node_ind () const
 returns the index of the smaller-indexed node More...
int get_second_node_ind () const
 returns the index of the larger-indexed node More...
void set_pos_in_owners_list (std::list< EdgeBase * >::iterator edge_iterator)
 edge keeps iterator to its position in it's owner's edge list More...
void set_pos_in_node_edgevector (int callers_index, int position)
 edge keeps index it has in node_ind's edge vector More...
bool same_edge (int node1, int node2) const
 returns true if this edge connects nodes of index node1 and node2 the order of node1 and node2 is not important More...
virtual void declare_energies_final ()=0
virtual void prepare_for_simulated_annealing ()=0
Real edge_weight () const
virtual void set_edge_weight (Real weight)=0
bool marked_for_deletion () const
 Has this edge indicated that it can be deleted? More...
InteractionGraphBase const * get_owner () const
InteractionGraphBaseget_owner ()

Protected Member Functions

core::PackerEnergy get_proline_correction (int which_node, int state) const
core::PackerEnergy get_glycine_correction (int which_node, int state) const
OnTheFlyNode const * get_otf_node (int which_node) const
OnTheFlyNodeget_otf_node (int which_node)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from core::pack::interaction_graph::EdgeBase
void mark_edge_for_deletion ()
 Mark this edge so that it can be deleted. More...
int get_node_index (int index) const
int get_num_states_for_node (int index) const
NodeBase const * get_node (int index) const
NodeBaseget_node (int index)
int get_edges_position_in_nodes_edge_vector (int index) const
int which_node (int node_index) const
 is a node the first or second node this edge is incident upon? More...
void edge_weight (Real)
 protected setter of the edge weight. To be called by derived classes after they have completed the conversion from the previous edge weighting to the new edge weighting. More...

Private Attributes

< core::PackerEnergy
proline_corrections_ [2]
< core::PackerEnergy
glycine_corrections_ [2]
ResiduePairEvalType eval_types_ [2]
bool long_range_interactions_exist_
bool short_range_interactions_exist_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::~OnTheFlyEdge ( )
core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::OnTheFlyEdge ( InteractionGraphBase owner,
int  first_node_ind,
int  second_node_ind 

Member Function Documentation

unsigned int core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::count_dynamic_memory ( ) const
unsigned int core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::count_static_memory ( ) const
overridepure virtual
ResiduePairEvalType core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::eval_type ( int  node_index) const
core::PackerEnergy core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::get_glycine_correction ( int  which_node,
int  state 
) const
core::PackerEnergy core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::get_glycine_correction_for_node ( int  node_ind,
int  state 
) const
OnTheFlyNode const* core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::get_otf_node ( int  which_node) const
OnTheFlyNode* core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::get_otf_node ( int  which_node)
core::PackerEnergy core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::get_proline_correction ( int  which_node,
int  state 
) const
core::PackerEnergy core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::get_proline_correction_for_node ( int  node_ind,
int  state 
) const
bool core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::long_range_interactions_exist ( ) const
void core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::note_long_range_interactions_exist ( )
void core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::note_short_range_interactions_exist ( )
void core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::set_GlyCorrection_values ( int  node_not_necessarily_glycine,
int  state,
core::PackerEnergy  bb_regbb_E,
core::PackerEnergy  bb_glybb_E,
core::PackerEnergy  sc_regbb_E,
core::PackerEnergy  sc_glybb_E 
void core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::set_ProCorrection_values ( int  node_not_necessarily_proline,
int  state,
core::PackerEnergy  bb_regbb_E,
core::PackerEnergy  bb_probb_E,
core::PackerEnergy  sc_regbb_E,
core::PackerEnergy  sc_probb_E 
bool core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::short_range_interactions_exist ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

ResiduePairEvalType core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::eval_types_[2]

Referenced by eval_type(), and OnTheFlyEdge().

utility::vector1< core::PackerEnergy > core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::glycine_corrections_[2]
bool core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::long_range_interactions_exist_
utility::vector1< core::PackerEnergy > core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::proline_corrections_[2]
bool core::pack::interaction_graph::OnTheFlyEdge::short_range_interactions_exist_

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