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RotamerSets.fwd.hh File Reference

Residue Sets class foward declarations. More...

#include <core/scoring/annealing/RotamerSets.fwd.hh>

Detailed Description

Residue Sets class foward declarations.

Andrew Leaver-Fay (
Vikram K. Mulligan (
The actual forward declaration is one library level down from where it should be. This is because the ResidueArrayAnnealableEnergy base class, which needs to be in core.3, must define the set_up_residuearrayannealableenergy_for_packing() method, which has a RotamerSets const reference as a parameter, but the RotamersSets class isn't defined until core.4. This is a minimal, necessary violation of the usual coding conventions that should not appreciably affect compile times. Since this file includes core/scoring/annealing/RotamerSets.fwd.hh, usual inclusion of forward declarations ought not to be affected, either.