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protocols::jd2::JobDistributorFactory Class Reference

#include <JobDistributorFactory.hh>

Static Public Member Functions

static JobDistributorcreate_job_distributor ()
static JobInputterOP create_job_inputter ()
static JobOutputterOP create_job_outputter ()
static JobOutputterOP create_job_outputter (JobOutputterOP default_jobout)
create_parser ()

Member Function Documentation

JobDistributor * protocols::jd2::JobDistributorFactory::create_job_distributor ( )

All the convoluted logic combining compile-time decisions and run-time decisions for which job distributor to use lives here. As of right now, this logic isn't all that convoluted.

Referenced by protocols::jd2::JobDistributor::create_singleton_instance().

JobInputterOP protocols::jd2::JobDistributorFactory::create_job_inputter ( )

All the logic for determining job input type lives here. Logic for other stuff doesn't have to go home, but it can't live here ...

Referenced by protocols::jd2::BatchJobInputter::BatchJobInputter(), protocols::jd2::JobDistributor::init_jd(), and protocols::jd2::BatchJobInputter::read_batch().

JobOutputterOP protocols::jd2::JobDistributorFactory::create_job_outputter ( )

this function handles the runtime + compiletime determination of which JobOutputter to use

Referenced by protocols::jd2::JobDistributor::init_jd(), and protocols::jd2::JobDistributor::load_new_batch().

JobOutputterOP protocols::jd2::JobDistributorFactory::create_job_outputter ( JobOutputterOP  default_jobout)

this function handles the runtime + compiletime determination of which JobOutputter to use

rosetta_scripts::RosettaScriptsParserOP protocols::jd2::JobDistributorFactory::create_parser ( )

Create the RosettaScriptParser. Determine if we need it down the road.

Referenced by protocols::jd2::JobDistributor::init_jd(), protocols::jd2::JobDistributor::JobDistributor(), and protocols::jd2::JobDistributor::load_new_batch().

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