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ppo_torsion_bin.hh File Reference

Functions for assigning and manipulating the phi/psi/omega torsion bins. More...

#include <core/conformation/ppo_torsion_bin.fwd.hh>
#include <core/types.hh>
#include <iosfwd>


 A class for reading in the atom type properties.


ppo_torsion_bin core::conformation::get_torsion_bin (core::Real phi, core::Real psi, core::Real omega=180)
 determine the torsion bin for a given phi/psi/omega combination, assuming that omega is 180 if not specified More...
ppo_torsion_bin core::conformation::remap_cis_omega_torsion_bins_to_trans (ppo_torsion_bin torbin)
bool core::conformation::cis_omega_torsion_bin (ppo_torsion_bin torbin)
torsion_bin_string core::conformation::map_string_to_torsion_bin_string (std::string const &torstring)
 convert a string of characters into a vector of the internally recognized ppo_torsion_bin enumeration More...
bool core::conformation::char_valid_as_torsion_bin (char torbin)
 returns true if the input character represents a valid torsion bin More...
ppo_torsion_bin core::conformation::map_char_to_torsion_bin (char torbin)
 returns the torsion bin that the input character represents More...
char core::conformation::map_torsion_bin_to_char (ppo_torsion_bin torbin)
 convert a torsion bin to a character s.t. that character can be converted back to a torsion bin More...

Detailed Description

Functions for assigning and manipulating the phi/psi/omega torsion bins.

An enumeration to represent a binning of the phi/psi/omega torsions.

Andrew Leaver-Fay (
Andrew Leaver-Fay