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protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet Class Reference

#include <Sheet.hh>

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Public Types

typedef core::Size Size
typedef core::Real Real
typedef core::Vector Vector
typedef core::pose::Pose Pose
typedef utility::vector1< core::SizeVecSize
typedef utility::vector1< int > VecInt
typedef utility::vector1< RealVecReal
typedef protocols::fldsgn::topology::SS_Info2_COP SS_Info2_COP

Public Member Functions

 Sheet ()
 default constructor More...
 Sheet (VecSize const &order_strands, VecInt const &orient_strands, bool is_barrel)
 value constructor More...
 Sheet (Sheet const &s)
 copy constructor More...
 ~Sheet () override
 default destructor More...
SheetOP clone ()
 clone this object More...
void initialize ()
 intialize this class More...
core::Size num_strands () const
 the number strands inclued in More...
bool is_barrel () const
 is this barrel ? More...
VecSize order_strands () const
core::Size order_strand (core::Size const s) const
VecInt orient_strands () const
int orient_strand (core::Size const s) const
core::Size strand_order (core::Size const s)
VecInt ca_cb_orients () const
int ca_cb_orient (core::Size const s) const
int which_side (Vector const &vec) const
utility::vector1< Realcalc_sasa_bothsides (Pose const &pose, SS_Info2_COP const ssinfo, Real pore_radius=1.5)
 calc surface areas only with beta-sheet More...
void calc_geometry (SS_Info2_COP const ssinfo)
 calc geometry of sheet, sheet_plane_, sheet_center_, ca_cb_orients_ More...
bool is_member (core::Size const s)
 whether the given strand number belongs to this sheet or not More...

Private Attributes

core::Size num_strands_
bool is_barrel_
VecSize order_strands_
 order of strand in sheet -> id of strand More...
VecInt orient_strands_
 order of strand in sheet -> id of strand More...
std::map< core::Size, core::Sizestrand_order_
 id of strand -> order of strand in sheet More...
Vector sheet_plane_
 vector defining sheet plane More...
Vector sheet_center_
 "center" of sheet More...
VecInt ca_cb_orients_
bool is_geometry_initialized_
 geometries was calculated or not More...


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &out, const Sheet &s)
 return strand pairing More...

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Pose

◆ Real

◆ Size

◆ SS_Info2_COP

◆ VecInt

typedef utility::vector1< int > protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::VecInt

◆ VecReal

◆ VecSize

◆ Vector

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Sheet() [1/3]

protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::Sheet ( )

default constructor

References initialize().

◆ Sheet() [2/3]

protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::Sheet ( VecSize const &  order_strands,
VecInt const &  orient_strands,
bool  is_barrel 

value constructor

References initialize(), order_strands(), and orient_strands().

◆ Sheet() [3/3]

protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::Sheet ( Sheet const &  s)

copy constructor

◆ ~Sheet()

protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::~Sheet ( )

default destructor

Member Function Documentation

◆ ca_cb_orient()

int protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::ca_cb_orient ( core::Size const  s) const

References ca_cb_orients_.

Referenced by calc_sasa_bothsides().

◆ ca_cb_orients()

VecInt protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::ca_cb_orients ( ) const

References ca_cb_orients_.

◆ calc_geometry()

void protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::calc_geometry ( SS_Info2_COP const  ssinfo)

◆ calc_sasa_bothsides()

utility::vector1< Real > protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::calc_sasa_bothsides ( Pose const &  pose,
SS_Info2_COP const  ssinfo,
Real  pore_radius = 1.5 

◆ clone()

SheetOP protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::clone ( )

clone this object

◆ initialize()

void protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::initialize ( )

intialize this class

initialize this class

References num_strands_, order_strands_, and strand_order_.

Referenced by Sheet().

◆ is_barrel()

bool protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::is_barrel ( ) const

is this barrel ?

References is_barrel_.

◆ is_member()

bool protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::is_member ( core::Size const  s)

whether the given strand number belongs to this sheet or not

References order_strands_.

◆ num_strands()

core::Size protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::num_strands ( ) const

the number strands inclued in

References num_strands_.

◆ order_strand()

core::Size protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::order_strand ( core::Size const  s) const

References order_strands_.

◆ order_strands()

VecSize protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::order_strands ( ) const

References order_strands_.

Referenced by Sheet().

◆ orient_strand()

int protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::orient_strand ( core::Size const  s) const

References orient_strands_.

◆ orient_strands()

VecInt protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::orient_strands ( ) const

References orient_strands_.

Referenced by Sheet().

◆ strand_order()

core::Size protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::strand_order ( core::Size const  s)

References strand_order_.

◆ which_side()

int protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::which_side ( Vector const &  vec) const

References sheet_center_, and sheet_plane_.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ operator<<

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  out,
const Sheet s 

return strand pairing

Member Data Documentation

◆ ca_cb_orients_

VecInt protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::ca_cb_orients_

◆ is_barrel_

bool protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::is_barrel_

Referenced by is_barrel().

◆ is_geometry_initialized_

bool protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::is_geometry_initialized_

geometries was calculated or not

Referenced by calc_geometry(), and calc_sasa_bothsides().

◆ num_strands_

core::Size protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::num_strands_

◆ order_strands_

VecSize protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::order_strands_

order of strand in sheet -> id of strand

Referenced by calc_geometry(), calc_sasa_bothsides(), initialize(), is_member(), order_strand(), and order_strands().

◆ orient_strands_

VecInt protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::orient_strands_

order of strand in sheet -> id of strand

Referenced by calc_geometry(), orient_strand(), and orient_strands().

◆ sheet_center_

Vector protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::sheet_center_

"center" of sheet

Referenced by calc_geometry(), and which_side().

◆ sheet_plane_

Vector protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::sheet_plane_

vector defining sheet plane

Referenced by calc_geometry(), and which_side().

◆ strand_order_

std::map< core::Size, core::Size > protocols::fldsgn::topology::Sheet::strand_order_

id of strand -> order of strand in sheet

Referenced by initialize(), and strand_order().

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