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protocols::noesy_assign::PeakFileFormat_Sparky Class Reference

#include <PeakFileFormat_Sparky.hh>

Inheritance diagram for protocols::noesy_assign::PeakFileFormat_Sparky:
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Public Member Functions

 PeakFileFormat_Sparky ()
void set_format_from_peak (CrossPeak const &) override
void write_peak (std::ostream &, core::Size ct, CrossPeak const &) const override
void write_assignment (std::ostream &, PeakAssignment const &) const override
void write_assignment_indent (std::ostream &, CrossPeak const &) const override
void write_assignment_stats (std::ostream &, PeakAssignment &) const override
void write_nil_assignment (std::ostream &) const override
void write_header (std::ostream &) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::noesy_assign::PeakFileFormat
 PeakFileFormat ()
 ~PeakFileFormat () override
void write_resonances (std::ostream &, CrossPeak const &) const override
void write_strength (std::ostream &, CrossPeak const &) const override
void write_assignments (std::ostream &, CrossPeak const &, std::string const &first_line_end) const override
void read_resonances (std::istream &, CrossPeak &) const override
void read_assignments (std::istream &is, std::istream &rest_line, CrossPeak &, std::string &next_line) const override
void read_strength (std::istream &, CrossPeak &) const override
CrossPeakOP read_peak (std::istream &, std::string &next_line) const override
void read_header (std::istream &, std::string &next_line) override
void output_diagnosis (std::ostream &) const override
bool compatible_with_current_format (CrossPeak const &) const override
void set_write_atom_names (bool setting=true)
bool write_atom_names () const
core::Size ncol () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::noesy_assign::PeakFileFormat_Base
 PeakFileFormat_Base ()
 ~PeakFileFormat_Base () override
void set_filename (std::string str)
std::string const & filename () const
bool ignore_assignments () const
void set_ignore_assignments (bool setting=true)
bool write_only_highest_VC () const
void set_write_only_highest_VC (bool setting=true)
core::Real min_VC_to_write () const
void set_min_VC_to_write (core::Real setting)
bool ignore_negative_intensity () const
void set_ignore_negative_intensity (bool setting=true)
void set_minimum_peak_intensity (core::Real setting)
core::Real minimum_peak_intensity () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::noesy_assign::PeakFileFormat
static void register_options ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from protocols::noesy_assign::PeakFileFormat
utility::vector1< std::string > column_labels_
utility::vector1< core::Sizecol2proton_
utility::vector1< boolcol2islabel_
- Protected Attributes inherited from protocols::noesy_assign::PeakFileFormat_Base
CrossPeakInfoOP info1_
CrossPeakInfoOP info2_
std::string filename_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::noesy_assign::PeakFileFormat_Sparky::PeakFileFormat_Sparky ( )

Member Function Documentation

void protocols::noesy_assign::PeakFileFormat_Sparky::set_format_from_peak ( CrossPeak const &  cp)
void protocols::noesy_assign::PeakFileFormat_Sparky::write_assignment ( std::ostream &  os,
PeakAssignment const &  pa 
) const
void protocols::noesy_assign::PeakFileFormat_Sparky::write_assignment_indent ( std::ostream &  os,
CrossPeak const &   
) const
void protocols::noesy_assign::PeakFileFormat_Sparky::write_assignment_stats ( std::ostream &  ,
) const
void protocols::noesy_assign::PeakFileFormat_Sparky::write_header ( std::ostream &  )
void protocols::noesy_assign::PeakFileFormat_Sparky::write_nil_assignment ( std::ostream &  os) const
void protocols::noesy_assign::PeakFileFormat_Sparky::write_peak ( std::ostream &  os,
core::Size  ct,
CrossPeak const &  cp 
) const

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