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ChemicalManager.fwd.hh File Reference
#include <string>


 A class for reading in the atom type properties.


enum  core::chemical::TypeSetMode {
  core::chemical::INVALID_t = 0, core::chemical::FULL_ATOM_t = 1, core::chemical::DEFAULT_t, core::chemical::CENTROID_t,
  core::chemical::CENTROID_ROT_t, core::chemical::HYBRID_FA_STANDARD_CENTROID_t, core::chemical::COARSE_RNA_t, core::chemical::MIXED_t,
  core::chemical::TYPE_SET_MODES_LENGTH = MIXED_t
 A type set category is the "compatibility class" of a type set. That is, all e.g. ResidueTypes of a given TypeSetMode should be "compatible" with the scale of modeling resolution, indepenent of if they're in the same ResidueTypeSet. More...


std::string const core::chemical::FA_STANDARD
std::string const core::chemical::CENTROID
std::string const core::chemical::CENTROID_ROT
std::string const core::chemical::HYBRID_FA_STANDARD_CENTROID
std::string const core::chemical::COARSE_RNA