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protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim Class Reference

#include <TorsionClaim.hh>

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Public Types

typedef core::environment::LocalPosition LocalPosition
typedef core::environment::LocalPositions LocalPositions

Public Member Functions

 TorsionClaim (ClientMoverOP owner, utility::tag::TagCOP tag, basic::datacache::DataMap &)
 TorsionClaim (ClientMoverOP owner, core::select::residue_selector::ResidueSelectorCOP)
 TorsionClaim (ClientMoverOP owner, LocalPosition const &local_pos)
 TorsionClaim (ClientMoverOP owner, std::string const &label, std::pair< core::Size, core::Size > const &range)
 TorsionClaim (ClientMoverOP owner, LocalPositions const &positions)
void yield_elements (core::pose::Pose const &, DOFElements &elements) const override
 build and export DOFElements, which represent control over non-jump dofs (torsions, bond lengths, angles) final conformation. More...
ControlStrength const & ctrl_strength () const
void claim_sidechain (bool in)
bool claim_sidechain () const
void claim_backbone (bool in)
bool claim_backbone () const
void strength (ControlStrength const &control_strength, ControlStrength const &initialization_strength)
 set the initialization and control strength of the TorsionClaim. More...
ControlStrength const & init_strength () const
EnvClaimOP clone () const override
std::string type () const override
virtual ResidueSelectorCOP selector () const
void show (std::ostream &os) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::environment::claims::EnvClaim
 ~EnvClaim () override
 Virtual destructor. More...
 EnvClaim (ClientMoverOP)
ClientMoverOP owner () const
 A clone used by the EnvClaimFactory to instantiate new EnvClaims using an XML tag. More...
void set_owner (ClientMoverOP owner)
void annotate (core::pose::Pose const &, core::environment::SequenceAnnotationOP) const
 allow the claim to use any internally queued ResidueSelectors to create sequence annotations. More...
virtual void yield_elements (FoldTreeSketch const &, ResidueElements &) const
 build ResidueElements that indicate the introduction of a new peptide edge into the fold tree. More...
virtual void yield_elements (FoldTreeSketch const &, JumpElements &) const
 build the JumpElements that represent the inclusion of a jump in the nascent FoldTree More...
virtual void yield_elements (FoldTreeSketch const &, CutElements &) const
 build and export the CutElements that represent the inclusion of a cut in the tree. More...
virtual void yield_elements (FoldTreeSketch const &, CutBiasElements &) const
 build and export the CutElements that represent the inclusion of a cut in the tree. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void provide_xml_schema (utility::tag::XMLSchemaDefinition &xsd)
static std::string class_name ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::environment::claims::EnvClaim
static EnvClaimOP make_claim (std::string const &name, ClientMoverOP owner, utility::tag::TagCOP tag, basic::datacache::DataMap &datamap)
 factory method for claims. More...
static bool is_claim (std::string const &name)
static void define_envclaim_schema_group (utility::tag::XMLSchemaDefinition &xsd)
static std::string envclaim_ct_namer (std::string)
static std::string envclaim_group_name ()

Protected Member Functions

DOFElement wrap_dof_id (core::id::DOF_ID const &id) const override
void insert_dof_element (core::conformation::Conformation const &conf, DOFElements &elements, core::Size seqpos, core::id::TorsionType type, core::Size torsion_number) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from protocols::environment::claims::EnvClaim
ControlStrength parse_ctrl_str (std::string const &str) const
void queue_for_annotation (std::string const &label, ResidueSelectorCOP selector)

Private Types

typedef core::environment::FoldTreeSketch FoldTreeSketch
typedef EnvClaim Parent
typedef core::select::residue_selector::ResidueSelectorCOP ResidueSelectorCOP

Private Attributes

ResidueSelectorCOP selector_
ControlStrength c_str_
ControlStrength i_str_
bool claim_sidechain_
bool claim_backbone_

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ FoldTreeSketch

◆ LocalPosition

◆ LocalPositions

◆ Parent

◆ ResidueSelectorCOP

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TorsionClaim() [1/5]

protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::TorsionClaim ( ClientMoverOP  owner,
utility::tag::TagCOP  tag,
basic::datacache::DataMap datamap 

◆ TorsionClaim() [2/5]

protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::TorsionClaim ( ClientMoverOP  owner,
core::select::residue_selector::ResidueSelectorCOP  selector 

◆ TorsionClaim() [3/5]

protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::TorsionClaim ( ClientMoverOP  owner,
LocalPosition const &  local_pos 

◆ TorsionClaim() [4/5]

protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::TorsionClaim ( ClientMoverOP  owner,
std::string const &  label,
std::pair< core::Size, core::Size > const &  range 

◆ TorsionClaim() [5/5]

protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::TorsionClaim ( ClientMoverOP  owner,
LocalPositions const &  positions 

Member Function Documentation

◆ claim_backbone() [1/2]

bool protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::claim_backbone ( ) const

References claim_backbone_.

Referenced by yield_elements().

◆ claim_backbone() [2/2]

void protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::claim_backbone ( bool  in)

◆ claim_sidechain() [1/2]

bool protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::claim_sidechain ( ) const

References claim_sidechain_.

Referenced by yield_elements().

◆ claim_sidechain() [2/2]

void protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::claim_sidechain ( bool  in)

◆ class_name()

std::string protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::class_name ( )

◆ clone()

EnvClaimOP protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::clone ( ) const

◆ ctrl_strength()

ControlStrength const & protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::ctrl_strength ( ) const

References c_str_.

Referenced by show(), and wrap_dof_id().

◆ init_strength()

ControlStrength const & protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::init_strength ( ) const

References i_str_.

Referenced by show(), and wrap_dof_id().

◆ insert_dof_element()

void protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::insert_dof_element ( core::conformation::Conformation const &  conf,
DOFElements elements,
core::Size  seqpos,
core::id::TorsionType  type,
core::Size  torsion_number 
) const

◆ provide_xml_schema()

void protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::provide_xml_schema ( utility::tag::XMLSchemaDefinition &  xsd)

◆ selector()

virtual ResidueSelectorCOP protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::selector ( ) const

References selector_.

Referenced by show().

◆ show()

void protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::show ( std::ostream &  os) const

◆ strength()

void protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::strength ( ControlStrength const &  control_strength,
ControlStrength const &  initialization_strength 

set the initialization and control strength of the TorsionClaim.

References c_str_, protocols::environment::claims::DOES_NOT_CONTROL, protocols::environment::claims::EXCLUSIVE, and i_str_.

◆ type()

std::string protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::type ( ) const

◆ wrap_dof_id()

DOFElement protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::wrap_dof_id ( core::id::DOF_ID const &  id) const

◆ yield_elements()

void protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::yield_elements ( core::pose::Pose const &  ,
) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ c_str_

ControlStrength protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::c_str_

Referenced by ctrl_strength(), and strength().

◆ claim_backbone_

bool protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::claim_backbone_

Referenced by claim_backbone(), and TorsionClaim().

◆ claim_sidechain_

bool protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::claim_sidechain_

Referenced by claim_sidechain(), and TorsionClaim().

◆ i_str_

ControlStrength protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::i_str_

Referenced by init_strength(), and strength().

◆ selector_

ResidueSelectorCOP protocols::environment::claims::TorsionClaim::selector_

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