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protocols::jumping::SpecificGeometryLibrary Class Reference

#include <PairingLibrary.hh>

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- Public Types inherited from protocols::jumping::PairingLibrary
typedef std::vector
< PairingTemplate
typedef std::map< std::pair
< int, int >
, PairingTemplateList
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::jumping::PairingLibrary
 PairingLibrary ()
void read_from_file (std::string const &fn)
void read_from_file_no_filters (std::string const &fn)
core::kinematics::RT get_random_beta_sheet_jump (int const orientation, int const pleating) const
 classic rosetta++ accessor More...
core::kinematics::RT get_random_tmh_jump (int const orientation, int const pos1, int const pos2) const
 classic rosetta++ accessor More...
void set_tmh_jump (core::pose::Pose pose, int const jump_number, int const orientation, int const pos1, int const pos2) const
void create_jump_fragments (int const orientation, int const pleating, bool bWithTorsion, core::fragment::FragDataOPs &) const override
 puts all jump-geometries that fit the orientation and pleating into list of FragData's. Try to reuse these FragData for different Frames that have same orientation and pleating This creates Fragments with single JumpSRFD — PairingLibrary also stores phi/psi/omega of start and end residue use bWithTorsion = true to get FragData with BBTorsionSRFD and JumpSRFD length of single FragData is noTorsion 1 withTorsion 3 bWithTorsion = true length of single FragData is 3 start jump end More...
core::Size size () const
void generate_jump_frags (core::scoring::dssp::PairingsList const &pairings, core::kinematics::MoveMap const &mm, bool bWithTorsion, core::fragment::FragSet &frags_accumulator) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from protocols::jumping::BasePairingLibrary
 ~BasePairingLibrary () override

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