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core::environment::SequenceAnnotation Class Reference

#include <SequenceAnnotation.hh>

Inheritance diagram for core::environment::SequenceAnnotation:
Inheritance graph

Public Member Functions

 SequenceAnnotation (core::Size length)
 ~SequenceAnnotation () override=default
void add_seq_label (std::string const &, std::vector< core::Size > const &)
void add_seq_label (std::string const &, utility::vector1< core::Size > const &)
void add_jump_label (std::string const &, core::Size)
void rm_seq_label (std::string const &)
void append_seq (std::string const &label)
 append a single residue with the given label to the end of the Annotation More...
core::Size resolve_seq (LocalPosition const &) const
utility::vector1< core::Size >
const & 
resolve_seq (std::string const &label) const
core::Size resolve_jump (std::string const &label) const
core::Size const & length () const
core::Size length (std::string const &label) const
bool has_seq_label (std::string const &) const

Private Types

typedef utility::vector1
< std::map< std::string,
core::Size > > 
typedef std::map< std::string,
utility::vector1< core::Size > > 
typedef std::map< std::string,

Private Member Functions

void _add_seq_label (std::string const &, utility::vector1< core::Size >)

Private Attributes

core::Size length_
NumMap pose_to_local_numbers_
SeqLabelMap label_to_pose_numbers_
JumpLabelMap jump_label_to_number_

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map< std::string, core::Size > core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::JumpLabelMap
typedef utility::vector1< std::map< std::string, core::Size> > core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::NumMap
typedef std::map< std::string, utility::vector1< core::Size > > core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::SeqLabelMap

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::SequenceAnnotation ( core::Size  length)

References _add_seq_label(), and length().

core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::~SequenceAnnotation ( )

Member Function Documentation

void core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::_add_seq_label ( std::string const &  ,
utility::vector1< core::Size  
void core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::add_jump_label ( std::string const &  label,
core::Size  i 

References jump_label_to_number_.

void core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::add_seq_label ( std::string const &  label,
std::vector< core::Size > const &  members 

References _add_seq_label().

void core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::add_seq_label ( std::string const &  ,
utility::vector1< core::Size > const &   
void core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::append_seq ( std::string const &  label)

append a single residue with the given label to the end of the Annotation

References label_to_pose_numbers_, length(), and length_.

bool core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::has_seq_label ( std::string const &  label) const
core::Size const& core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::length ( ) const

References length_.

Referenced by append_seq(), and SequenceAnnotation().

core::Size core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::length ( std::string const &  label) const
core::Size core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::resolve_jump ( std::string const &  label) const

References jump_label_to_number_.

core::Size core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::resolve_seq ( LocalPosition const &  local) const
utility::vector1< core::Size > const & core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::resolve_seq ( std::string const &  label) const
void core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::rm_seq_label ( std::string const &  label)

Member Data Documentation

JumpLabelMap core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::jump_label_to_number_

Referenced by add_jump_label(), and resolve_jump().

SeqLabelMap core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::label_to_pose_numbers_
core::Size core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::length_
NumMap core::environment::SequenceAnnotation::pose_to_local_numbers_

Referenced by _add_seq_label(), and rm_seq_label().

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