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protocols::kinematic_closure::pivot_pickers::LoopPivots Class Reference

Use the start, stop, and cut points of the given loop as pivots. More...

#include <LoopPivots.hh>

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Public Member Functions

std::string get_name () const override
 Return the name of this pivot picker. More...
Loop pick (Pose const &pose, Loop const &loop) override
 Return a loop object. The pivots will be taken to be the start, cut and stop residues. More...

Detailed Description

Use the start, stop, and cut points of the given loop as pivots.

This algorithm is meant to be simple and intuitive. The pick() method will be passed a loop, and the pivots will be taken from the parameters of that loop. If the cut point is outside the loop (e.g. if it hasn't been set), the midpoint of the loop will be used instead.

Member Function Documentation

std::string protocols::kinematic_closure::pivot_pickers::LoopPivots::get_name ( ) const

Return the name of this pivot picker.

Implements protocols::kinematic_closure::pivot_pickers::PivotPicker.

Loop protocols::kinematic_closure::pivot_pickers::LoopPivots::pick ( Pose const &  pose,
Loop const &  loop 

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