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core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace Class Reference

#include <Simulated4PDEERTrace.hh>

Public Member Functions

 Simulated4PDEERTrace ()=default
 Default constructor. More...
 ~Simulated4PDEERTrace ()=default
 Destructor. More...
 Simulated4PDEERTrace (Simulated4PDEERTrace const &rhs)
 Default copy constructor. More...
 Simulated4PDEERTrace (utility::vector1< Real > const &deer_trace, utility::vector1< Real > const &deer_trace_intra, utility::vector1< Real > const &time_pts, Real const &depth, Real const &slope, Real const &dim)
 Constructor that instantiates everything. More...
Simulated4PDEERTraceoperator= (Simulated4PDEERTrace const &rhs)
 Copy assignment operator. More...
std::tuple< Real, Real, Realoperator[] (Size const &i) const
utility::vector1< Realdeer_trace () const
 DEER trace getter. More...
utility::vector1< Realdeer_trace_intra () const
 Intramolecular DEER trace getter. More...
utility::vector1< Realtime_pts () const
 Time point getter. More...
Real depth () const
 Modulation depth getter. More...
Real slope () const
 Background slope getter. More...
Real dim () const
 Background dimensionality getter. More...
Size size () const
 Return size of DEER trace. More...
void deer_trace (utility::vector1< Real > const &val)
 Final DEER trace setter. More...
void deer_trace_intra (utility::vector1< Real > const &val)
 Intramolecular DEER trace setter. More...
void time_pts (utility::vector1< Real > const &val)
 Time point vector setter. More...
void depth (Real const &val)
 Modulation depth setter. More...
void slope (Real const &val)
 Background slope setter. More...
void dim (Real const &val)
 Dimensionality setter. More...

Private Attributes

utility::vector1< Realdeer_trace_
 Final DEER trace. More...
utility::vector1< Realdeer_trace_intra_
 Intramolecular DEER trace (no background) More...
utility::vector1< Realtime_pts_
 Time points for DEER traces. More...
Real depth_
 Modulation depth in final DEER trace. More...
Real slope_
 Background slope of final DEER trace. More...
Real dim_
 Background dimensionality of final DEER trace. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::Simulated4PDEERTrace ( )

Default constructor.

core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::~Simulated4PDEERTrace ( )


core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::Simulated4PDEERTrace ( Simulated4PDEERTrace const &  rhs)

Default copy constructor.

rhsTo copy

References deer_trace_, deer_trace_intra_, and time_pts_.

core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::Simulated4PDEERTrace ( utility::vector1< Real > const &  deer_trace,
utility::vector1< Real > const &  deer_trace_intra,
utility::vector1< Real > const &  time_pts,
Real const &  depth,
Real const &  slope,
Real const &  dim 

Constructor that instantiates everything.

deer_traceThe final DEER trace
deer_trace_intraThe intramolecular DEER trace
time_ptsTime points for the DEER trace
depthModulation depth
slopeBackground slope
dimBackground dimensionality

References deer_trace_, deer_trace_intra_, and time_pts_.

Member Function Documentation

utility::vector1< Real > core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::deer_trace ( ) const

DEER trace getter.

The final DEER trace

References deer_trace_.

Referenced by operator=().

void core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::deer_trace ( utility::vector1< Real > const &  val)

Final DEER trace setter.

deer_traceThe final DEER trace

References deer_trace_, and protocols::hybridization::val.

utility::vector1< Real > core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::deer_trace_intra ( ) const

Intramolecular DEER trace getter.

The intramolecular DEER trace

References deer_trace_intra_.

Referenced by operator=().

void core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::deer_trace_intra ( utility::vector1< Real > const &  val)

Intramolecular DEER trace setter.

deer_trace_intraThe intramolecular DEER trace

References deer_trace_intra_, and protocols::hybridization::val.

Real core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::depth ( ) const

Modulation depth getter.

Modulation depth

References depth_.

Referenced by operator=().

void core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::depth ( Real const &  val)

Modulation depth setter.

depthModulation depth

References depth_, and protocols::hybridization::val.

Real core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::dim ( ) const

Background dimensionality getter.

Background dimensionality

References dim_.

Referenced by operator=().

void core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::dim ( Real const &  val)

Dimensionality setter.

dimBackground dimensionality

References dim_, and protocols::hybridization::val.

Simulated4PDEERTrace & core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::operator= ( Simulated4PDEERTrace const &  rhs)

Copy assignment operator.

rhsTrace object to copy

References deer_trace(), deer_trace_intra(), depth(), dim(), slope(), and time_pts().

std::tuple< Real, Real, Real > core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::operator[] ( Size const &  i) const
Size core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::size ( ) const

Return size of DEER trace.

Size of DEER trace

References deer_trace_.

Real core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::slope ( ) const

Background slope getter.

Background slope

References slope_.

Referenced by operator=().

void core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::slope ( Real const &  val)

Background slope setter.

slopeBackground slope

References slope_, and protocols::hybridization::val.

utility::vector1< Real > core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::time_pts ( ) const

Time point getter.

Time points for the DEER trace

References time_pts_.

Referenced by operator=().

void core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::time_pts ( utility::vector1< Real > const &  val)

Time point vector setter.

time_ptsTime points for the DEER trace

References time_pts_, and protocols::hybridization::val.

Member Data Documentation

utility::vector1< Real > core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::deer_trace_

Final DEER trace.

Referenced by deer_trace(), operator[](), Simulated4PDEERTrace(), and size().

utility::vector1< Real > core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::deer_trace_intra_

Intramolecular DEER trace (no background)

Referenced by deer_trace_intra(), operator[](), and Simulated4PDEERTrace().

Real core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::depth_

Modulation depth in final DEER trace.

Referenced by depth().

Real core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::dim_

Background dimensionality of final DEER trace.

Referenced by dim().

Real core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::slope_

Background slope of final DEER trace.

Referenced by slope().

utility::vector1< Real > core::scoring::epr_deer::Simulated4PDEERTrace::time_pts_

Time points for DEER traces.

Referenced by operator[](), Simulated4PDEERTrace(), and time_pts().

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