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core::scoring::MinimizationGraph Class Reference

Class to hold all the minimization-specific data that's required to efficiently evaluate the score function and its derivatives on a structure of fixed sequence and chemical identity. More...

#include <MinimizationGraph.hh>

Inheritance diagram for core::scoring::MinimizationGraph:
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Public Types

typedef utility::graph::Graph parent
typedef std::list
< EnergyMethodCOP > 
typedef Energies::const_iterator EnergiesIterator

Public Member Functions

 ~MinimizationGraph () override
 MinimizationGraph (Size num_nodes)
 MinimizationGraph ()
 MinimizationGraph (MinimizationGraph const &src)
MinimizationGraphoperator= (MinimizationGraph const &rhs)
 assignment operator – performs a deep copy More...
MinimizationNode const * get_minimization_node (Size index) const
MinimizationNodeget_minimization_node (Size index)
MinimizationEdgefind_minimization_edge (Size n1, Size n2)
MinimizationEdge const * find_minimization_edge (Size n1, Size n2) const
void delete_edge (utility::graph::Edge *edge) override
void add_whole_pose_context_enmeth (EnergyMethodCOP enmeth, core::pose::Pose const &pose)
EnergiesIterator whole_pose_context_enmeths_begin () const
EnergiesIterator whole_pose_context_enmeths_end () const
void set_fixed_energies (EnergyMap const &)
EnergyMap const & fixed_energies () const

Public Attributes

 __pad0__:EnergyMethodCOP EnergyMethodCOP

Protected Member Functions

Size count_static_memory () const override
Size count_dynamic_memory () const override
utility::graph::Node * create_new_node (Size index) override
 Factory method for node creation. More...
utility::graph::Edge * create_new_edge (Size index1, Size index2) override
 Factory method for edge creation. More...
utility::graph::Edge * create_new_edge (utility::graph::Edge const *example_edge) override
 Factory copy-constructor method for edge creation. More...

Private Attributes

Energies whole_pose_context_enmeths_
EnergyMap fixed_energies_
< MinimizationEdge > * 

Detailed Description

Class to hold all the minimization-specific data that's required to efficiently evaluate the score function and its derivatives on a structure of fixed sequence and chemical identity.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::list< EnergyMethodCOP > core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::Energies
typedef Energies::const_iterator core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::EnergiesIterator
typedef utility::graph::Graph core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::parent

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::~MinimizationGraph ( )
core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::MinimizationGraph ( Size  num_nodes)

This does not call the base class parent( Size ) constructor since that produces calls to the polymorphic function create_new_node() and polymorphism does not work during constructor intialization.

core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::MinimizationGraph ( )

Referenced by count_static_memory().

core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::MinimizationGraph ( MinimizationGraph const &  src)

Notice that this does not call the parent( src ) copy constructor. This is because the copy constructor relies on polymorphic functions which are unavailable during the Graph constructor. Instead, this function waits until parent construction is complete, and relies on the assigmnent operator.

Member Function Documentation

void core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::add_whole_pose_context_enmeth ( EnergyMethodCOP  enmeth,
core::pose::Pose const &  pose 
Size core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::count_dynamic_memory ( ) const
Size core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::count_static_memory ( ) const

References MinimizationGraph().

Edge * core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::create_new_edge ( Size  index1,
Size  index2 

Factory method for edge creation.

References minimization_edge_pool_.

Edge * core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::create_new_edge ( utility::graph::Edge const *  example_edge)

Factory copy-constructor method for edge creation.

References minimization_edge_pool_.

Node * core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::create_new_node ( Size  index)

Factory method for node creation.

void core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::delete_edge ( utility::graph::Edge *  edge)
MinimizationEdge * core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::find_minimization_edge ( Size  n1,
Size  n2 
MinimizationEdge const * core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::find_minimization_edge ( Size  n1,
Size  n2 
) const
EnergyMap const & core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::fixed_energies ( ) const

References fixed_energies_.

MinimizationNode const* core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::get_minimization_node ( Size  index) const
MinimizationNode* core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::get_minimization_node ( Size  index)
MinimizationGraph & core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::operator= ( MinimizationGraph const &  rhs)

assignment operator – performs a deep copy

void core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::set_fixed_energies ( EnergyMap const &  vals)

References fixed_energies_.

MinimizationGraph::EnergiesIterator core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::whole_pose_context_enmeths_begin ( ) const
MinimizationGraph::EnergiesIterator core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::whole_pose_context_enmeths_end ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

EnergyMap core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::fixed_energies_
boost::unordered_object_pool< MinimizationEdge >* core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::minimization_edge_pool_
Energies core::scoring::MinimizationGraph::whole_pose_context_enmeths_

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