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FlipMover.hh File Reference
#include <protocols/membrane/FlipMover.fwd.hh>
#include <protocols/moves/Mover.hh>
#include <core/pose/Pose.fwd.hh>
#include <core/types.hh>
#include <numeric/xyzVector.hh>
#include <utility/tag/Tag.fwd.hh>
#include <basic/datacache/DataMap.fwd.hh>


class  protocols::membrane::FlipMover
 Takes a pose and flips the downstream partner around the axis between the COMs of the partners, projected into the membrane plane. CAUTION: THIS MOVER ONLY WORKS FOR A FIXED MEMBRANE WHERE THE MEMBRANE VIRTUAL RESIDUE IS AT THE ROOT OF THE FOLDTREE!!! More...


 The instance of Loops contained by AbrelaxApplication should be replaced by a LoopsOP.