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protocols::jd3::deallocation Namespace Reference


class  DeallocationMessage
 DeallocationMessage class provides an opportunity for one JobQueen to communicate with a remote JobQueen in a parallelization-independent fashion – that is, the parallel JobDistributor (be it MPI, or perhaps Hadoop) is responsible for delivering the DeallocationMessages to the remote JobQueens. In particular, they serve the role of allowing a JobQueen to deallocate resources that are no longer needed. As of the time this class was dreamed up, the JobDistributor makes no guarantee about the regularity with which it queries the JobQueen on the head node for DeallocationMessages, and the communication of DeallocationMessages is uni-directional: this system is not designed to let JobQueens on freely communicate between themselves, though, such a system would obviously have its merits. More...
class  InputPoseDeallocationMessage
 InputPoseDeallocationMessage class holds the output that's generated by a Job over the course of its execution. The InputPoseDeallocationMessage is handed by the JobQueen to the JobOutputWriter objects, each of which have the opportunity to pull data out of the InputPoseDeallocationMessage class. More...
class  ResourceDeallocationMessage
 ResourceDeallocationMessage class is used so that a JobQueen that knows a resource will no longer be needed can communicate this knowledge to other JobQueens running remotely so that they can deallocate that resource. More...


typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< DeallocationMessageDeallocationMessageOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< DeallocationMessage const > DeallocationMessageCOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< InputPoseDeallocationMessageInputPoseDeallocationMessageOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< InputPoseDeallocationMessage const > InputPoseDeallocationMessageCOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< ResourceDeallocationMessageResourceDeallocationMessageOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< ResourceDeallocationMessage const > ResourceDeallocationMessageCOP


enum  deallocation_msg_type : short { unassigned_deallocation_msg , input_pose_deallocation_msg , resource_deallocation_msg , string_string_pair_msg }

Typedef Documentation

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typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< DeallocationMessage const > protocols::jd3::deallocation::DeallocationMessageCOP

◆ DeallocationMessageOP

◆ InputPoseDeallocationMessageCOP

◆ InputPoseDeallocationMessageOP

◆ ResourceDeallocationMessageCOP

◆ ResourceDeallocationMessageOP

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