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protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing Class Referenceabstract

#include <SegmentPairing.hh>

Inheritance diagram for protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing:
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Public Types

enum  PairingType { HELIX = 1, STRAND = 2, HELIX_SHEET = 3, UNKNOWN }

Public Member Functions

 SegmentPairing ()
 SegmentPairing (SegmentNames const &paired_segments)
 ~SegmentPairing () override
virtual SegmentPairingOP clone () const =0
virtual PairingType type () const =0
virtual std::string pairing_string (StructureData const &sd) const =0
void parse_my_tag (utility::tag::Tag const &tag)
bool has_segment (std::string const &segment) const
SegmentNames const & segments () const
void set_segments (std::string const &segments_str)
void set_segments (SegmentNames const &segments)

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string complex_type_name_for_pairing (std::string const &pairing_name)
static SegmentPairingOP create (std::string const &type_name)
static std::string get_strand_pairings (StructureData const &sd)
 Gets string for all strand pairings from a StructureData. More...
static std::string get_helix_pairings (StructureData const &sd)
 Gets string for all helix pairings from a StructureData. More...
static std::string get_hss_triplets (StructureData const &sd)
 Gets string for all helix-strand-strand triplets in a StructureData. More...
static ResiduePairs get_strand_residue_pairs (StructureData const &sd)
 Gets pairs of residues involved in strand pairing. More...

Static Public Attributes

static std::string TAG_NAME = "Pairing"

Protected Member Functions

virtual void parse_tag (utility::tag::Tag const &tag)=0
virtual void to_xml (utility::tag::Tag &tag) const =0

Static Protected Member Functions

static void add_common_xml_elements (utility::tag::XMLSchemaDefinition &xsd, std::string const &class_name, std::string const &description, utility::tag::AttributeList &attlist)

Static Private Member Functions

static std::string type_to_str (PairingType const &type)
static SegmentPairingCOPs get_pairings (StructureData const &sd, PairingType const &type)
static std::string get_pairing_str (StructureData const &sd, PairingType const &type)

Private Attributes

SegmentNames segments_


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, SegmentPairing const &pairing)

Member Enumeration Documentation


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::SegmentPairing ( )
protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::SegmentPairing ( SegmentNames const &  paired_segments)
protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::~SegmentPairing ( )

Member Function Documentation

void protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::add_common_xml_elements ( utility::tag::XMLSchemaDefinition &  xsd,
std::string const &  class_name,
std::string const &  description,
utility::tag::AttributeList &  attlist 
virtual SegmentPairingOP protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::clone ( ) const
pure virtual
std::string protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::complex_type_name_for_pairing ( std::string const &  pairing_name)
SegmentPairingOP protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::create ( std::string const &  type_name)
std::string protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::get_helix_pairings ( StructureData const &  sd)

Gets string for all helix pairings from a StructureData.

References get_pairing_str(), and HELIX.

std::string protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::get_hss_triplets ( StructureData const &  sd)

Gets string for all helix-strand-strand triplets in a StructureData.

References get_pairing_str(), and HELIX_SHEET.

std::string protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::get_pairing_str ( StructureData const &  sd,
PairingType const &  type 
SegmentPairingCOPs protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::get_pairings ( StructureData const &  sd,
PairingType const &  type 
std::string protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::get_strand_pairings ( StructureData const &  sd)
ResiduePairs protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::get_strand_residue_pairs ( StructureData const &  sd)
bool protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::has_segment ( std::string const &  segment) const

References segments_.

virtual std::string protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::pairing_string ( StructureData const &  sd) const
pure virtual
void protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::parse_my_tag ( utility::tag::Tag const &  tag)

References parse_tag(), and set_segments().

virtual void protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::parse_tag ( utility::tag::Tag const &  tag)
protectedpure virtual
SegmentNames const & protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::segments ( ) const
void protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::set_segments ( std::string const &  segments_str)

References segments().

Referenced by parse_my_tag().

void protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::set_segments ( SegmentNames const &  segments)

References segments(), and segments_.

virtual void protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::to_xml ( utility::tag::Tag &  tag) const
protectedpure virtual
virtual PairingType protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::type ( ) const
pure virtual
std::string protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::type_to_str ( PairingType const &  type)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
SegmentPairing const &  pairing 

Member Data Documentation

SegmentNames protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::segments_

Referenced by has_segment(), segments(), and set_segments().

std::string protocols::denovo_design::components::SegmentPairing::TAG_NAME = "Pairing"

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