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protocols::calc_taskop_movers Namespace Reference


class  ConsensusDesignMover
 This mover will modify a given task according to a sequence profile and then call the PackRotamersMover. At every position that is designable in the task, AAs that have a probability > min_aa_probability_ and higher than the native in the sequence profile will be allowed. More...
class  ConsensusDesignMoverCreator
class  CreateSequenceMotifMover
 Simple mover to Create a sequence motif in a region of protein using the SequenceMotifTaskOperation. Uses psueo-regular expressions to define the motif. More...
class  CreateSequenceMotifMoverCreator
class  DesignRepackMover
 a pure virtual base class for movers which redesign and repack the interface More...
class  ForceDisulfidesMover
 simple mover that fixes disulfides according to a defined list and then simultaneously repacks within 6A shells around each affected cystein residue. More...
class  ForceDisulfidesMoverCreator


typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< ConsensusDesignMoverConsensusDesignMoverOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< CreateSequenceMotifMoverCreateSequenceMotifMoverOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< CreateSequenceMotifMover const > CreateSequenceMotifMoverCOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< DesignRepackMoverDesignRepackMoverOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< DesignRepackMover const > DesignRepackMoverCOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< ForceDisulfidesMoverForceDisulfideMoverOP
typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< ForceDisulfidesMover const > ForceDisulfideMoverCOP


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, CreateSequenceMotifMover const &mover)
 private methods /// More...
static basic::Tracer TR ("protocols.simple_moves.ForceDisulfidesMover")

Typedef Documentation

◆ ConsensusDesignMoverOP

◆ CreateSequenceMotifMoverCOP

◆ CreateSequenceMotifMoverOP

◆ DesignRepackMoverCOP

typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< DesignRepackMover const > protocols::calc_taskop_movers::DesignRepackMoverCOP

◆ DesignRepackMoverOP

◆ ForceDisulfideMoverCOP

typedef utility::pointer::shared_ptr< ForceDisulfidesMover const > protocols::calc_taskop_movers::ForceDisulfideMoverCOP

◆ ForceDisulfideMoverOP

Function Documentation

◆ operator<<()

std::ostream & protocols::calc_taskop_movers::operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
CreateSequenceMotifMover const &  mover 

◆ TR()

static basic::Tracer protocols::calc_taskop_movers::TR ( "protocols.simple_moves.ForceDisulfidesMover"  )