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core::scoring::EnergyNode Class Reference

#include <EnergyGraph.hh>

Inheritance diagram for core::scoring::EnergyNode:
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Public Types

typedef utility::graph::Node parent

Public Member Functions

 EnergyNode (utility::graph::Graph *owner, Size index)
 ~EnergyNode () override
void copy_from (parent const *source) override
 copy mmember data from source node More...
void print () const override
Size count_static_memory () const override
Size count_dynamic_memory () const override
bool moved () const
void moved (bool)

Private Attributes

bool moved_

Detailed Description

Class EnergyNode holds the result of a domainmap update from the Conformation object held by a pose; if the internal degrees of freedom for a residue (corresponding to a node in this graph) have changed (and are marked with color "0" in the domainmap), then the EnergyNode object will hold that information for the ScoringFunction to retrieve

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef utility::graph::Node core::scoring::EnergyNode::parent

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

core::scoring::EnergyNode::EnergyNode ( utility::graph::Graph *  owner,
Size  index 

Referenced by count_static_memory().

core::scoring::EnergyNode::~EnergyNode ( )

Member Function Documentation

void core::scoring::EnergyNode::copy_from ( parent const *  source)

copy mmember data from source node

invoked by copy ctor and operator= methods from Graph base class

References moved_.

Size core::scoring::EnergyNode::count_dynamic_memory ( ) const
Size core::scoring::EnergyNode::count_static_memory ( ) const

References EnergyNode().

bool core::scoring::EnergyNode::moved ( ) const

References moved_.

void core::scoring::EnergyNode::moved ( bool  setting)

References moved_.

void core::scoring::EnergyNode::print ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

bool core::scoring::EnergyNode::moved_

Referenced by copy_from(), and moved().

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