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protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsMap Class Reference

Cacheable data map to cache constraint pointers in the pose. More...

#include <ConstraintsMap.hh>

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Public Types

typedef NameToConstraintsMap::iterator iterator
typedef NameToConstraintsMap::const_iterator const_iterator

Public Member Functions

 ConstraintsMap ()
 ~ConstraintsMap () override
basic::datacache::CacheableDataOP clone () const override
iterator insert (std::string const &name, ConstraintCOPs const &csts)
 Insert csts into the ConstraintsMap under the name given. More...
void erase (iterator const &erase_me)
iterator find (std::string const &name)
const_iterator find (std::string const &name) const
iterator begin ()
const_iterator begin () const
iterator end ()
const_iterator end () const
std::string valid_names_string () const
 prints out comma-separated list of constraint set names More...

Private Types

typedef core::scoring::constraints::ConstraintCOPs ConstraintCOPs
typedef std::map< std::string, ConstraintCOPsNameToConstraintsMap

Private Member Functions

utility::vector1< std::string > valid_names () const
 returns vector of constraint set names More...

Private Attributes

NameToConstraintsMap cst_map_

Detailed Description

Cacheable data map to cache constraint pointers in the pose.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ const_iterator

typedef NameToConstraintsMap::const_iterator protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsMap::const_iterator

◆ ConstraintCOPs

◆ iterator

typedef NameToConstraintsMap::iterator protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsMap::iterator

◆ NameToConstraintsMap

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConstraintsMap()

protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsMap::ConstraintsMap ( )

◆ ~ConstraintsMap()

protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsMap::~ConstraintsMap ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ begin() [1/2]

ConstraintsMap::iterator protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsMap::begin ( )

References cst_map_.

◆ begin() [2/2]

ConstraintsMap::const_iterator protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsMap::begin ( ) const

References cst_map_.

◆ clone()

basic::datacache::CacheableDataOP protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsMap::clone ( ) const

◆ end() [1/2]

ConstraintsMap::iterator protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsMap::end ( )

◆ end() [2/2]

ConstraintsMap::const_iterator protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsMap::end ( ) const

References cst_map_.

◆ erase()

void protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsMap::erase ( iterator const &  erase_me)

◆ find() [1/2]

ConstraintsMap::iterator protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsMap::find ( std::string const &  name)

◆ find() [2/2]

ConstraintsMap::const_iterator protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsMap::find ( std::string const &  name) const

References cst_map_.

◆ insert()

ConstraintsMap::iterator protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsMap::insert ( std::string const &  name,
ConstraintCOPs const &  csts 

Insert csts into the ConstraintsMap under the name given.

[in]nameMap key name under which constraints will be stored
[in]cstsConstraints to store
ConstraintsMap::iterator to new map item.

References cst_map_, and core::scoring::pair.

Referenced by protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsManager::store_constraints().

◆ valid_names()

utility::vector1< std::string > protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsMap::valid_names ( ) const

returns vector of constraint set names

References cst_map_, and core::scoring::pair.

Referenced by valid_names_string().

◆ valid_names_string()

std::string protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsMap::valid_names_string ( ) const

prints out comma-separated list of constraint set names

References valid_names().

Referenced by protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsManager::retrieve_constraints().

Member Data Documentation

◆ cst_map_

NameToConstraintsMap protocols::constraint_generator::ConstraintsMap::cst_map_

Referenced by begin(), end(), erase(), find(), insert(), and valid_names().

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