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core::scoring::methods::FreeDOF_EnergyCreator Class Reference

#include <FreeDOF_EnergyCreator.hh>

Inheritance diagram for core::scoring::methods::FreeDOF_EnergyCreator:
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Public Member Functions

methods::EnergyMethodOP create_energy_method (methods::EnergyMethodOptions const &) const override
 Instantiate a new FreeDOF_Energy. More...
ScoreTypes score_types_for_method () const override
 Return the set of score types claimed by the EnergyMethod this EnergyMethodCreator creates in its create_energy_method() function. More...

Member Function Documentation

methods::EnergyMethodOP core::scoring::methods::FreeDOF_EnergyCreator::create_energy_method ( methods::EnergyMethodOptions const &  options) const

Instantiate a new FreeDOF_Energy.

This must return a fresh instance of the FreeDOF_Energy class, never an instance already in use

Implements core::scoring::methods::EnergyMethodCreator.

ScoreTypes core::scoring::methods::FreeDOF_EnergyCreator::score_types_for_method ( ) const

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