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protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph Class Referenceabstract

#include <FlexbbInteractionGraph.hh>

Inheritance diagram for protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph:
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Public Types

enum  Subsitution { SC_ONLY, BOTH_SC_AND_BB }
typedef core::PackerEnergy PackerEnergy

Public Member Functions

 ~FlexbbInteractionGraph () override
 GRAPH. More...
 FlexbbInteractionGraph (int num_nodes)
void initialize (core::pack_basic::RotamerSetsBase const &rot_sets) override
int get_num_aa_types () const
utility::vector1< core::Size >
const & 
flexseg_members (int flexseg) const
int get_flexseg_for_bb (int bb) const
int get_flexseg_bb_offset (int flexseg_id) const
bool nodes_from_same_flexseg (int node1, int node2) const
int get_num_states_per_backbone_for_node (int node, int bb) const
int get_bb_for_state (int node, int state) const
virtual void consider_backbone_move (int bb_id, core::PackerEnergy &delta_energy, core::PackerEnergy &prev_flexseg_energy, bool &valid_motion, int &num_nodes_changing_state)=0
virtual void consider_bbmove_w_state_substitution (int node_ind, int new_state, core::PackerEnergy &delta_energy, core::PackerEnergy &prev_energy_for_flexseg, bool &valid_motion, int &num_nodes_changing_state)=0
virtual PackerEnergy commit_considered_backbone_move (ObjexxFCL::FArray1_int &rotamer_on_node)=0
void get_accessible_states (Subsitution move_mode, utility::vector1< core::Size > &rotlist) const
void get_backbone_list (utility::vector1< core::Size > &bblist) const
bool get_backbone_currently_assigned (int bbid) const
 Is the backbone conformation (in the global enumertion of backbone conformations) already assigned to the network? False if any residue on the flexible segment that this bbid corresponds to is assigned state 0. More...
bool get_enforce_bb_contiguity () const
 FlexbbNodes will ask: am I allowed to have a state that breaks the backbone? There are brief periods when the backbone is "broken" as the graph assigns new states to nodes on the same flexible segment. More...
void increment_count_nodes_in_flexseg ()
 Owner keeps a count of the number of nodes undergoing a simultaneous rotamer substitution as the backbone moves. More...
unsigned int count_dynamic_memory () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from core::pack::interaction_graph::InteractionGraphBase
 ~InteractionGraphBase () override
 destructor More...
 InteractionGraphBase (int num_nodes)
 main constructor More...
int get_num_nodes () const override
 Get the number of nodes in the graph. More...
void set_num_states_for_node (int node, int num_states)
 sets the number of states for a node of a particular index NEW REQUIREMENT: Nodes must have their num-states set in ascending order by node index; that is, node 1 must go first, node 2 next, and so on. More...
int get_num_states_for_node (int node) const override
 returns the number of states for a particular node More...
int get_num_total_states () const override
 Get the total number of states. More...
virtual core::PackerEnergy get_one_body_energy_for_node_state (int node, int state)=0
void add_edge (int node1, int node2)
 creates a new edge between nodes index1 and index2. Nodes do not have to be listed in order More...
bool get_edge_exists (int node1, int node2) const
 returns true if an edge between node1 and node2 exists More...
void drop_all_edges_for_node (int node)
 deletes all edges adjacent to the node specified More...
void print_vertices () const
 calls print() on each of the nodes in the graph More...
virtual void print () const
void output_connectivity (std::ostream &os) const
 writes out a list of all the edges in the graph More...
void output_dimacs (std::ostream &os) const
 writes out a connectivity description of the graph in the famous dimacs format. (where the first column "DIMACS:" should be sed'ed out) More...
void set_onebody_energies_multithreaded (core::Size const node_index, core::pack::rotamer_set::RotamerSetCOP rotset, core::pose::Pose const &pose, core::scoring::ScoreFunction const &sfxn, task::PackerTask const &task, utility::graph::GraphCOP packer_neighbor_graph, basic::thread_manager::RosettaThreadAssignmentInfo const &thread_assignments)
 Compute and store the onebody energy for all rotamers at a position. Safe for a multithreaded context. More...
void prepare_graph_for_simulated_annealing () override
 iterate across edges and nodes and allow them to prepare for simulated annealing More...
void blanket_assign_state_0 () override=0
 State initialization. More...
core::PackerEnergy set_state_for_node (int node_ind, int new_state) override=0
 Explicit state modification for a node. More...
core::PackerEnergy set_network_state (ObjexxFCL::FArray1_int &node_states) override=0
 Explicit state modification for the network. More...
void consider_substitution (int node_ind, int new_state, core::PackerEnergy &delta_energy, core::PackerEnergy &prev_energy_for_node) override=0
 Consider switching node "node_ind" to state "new_state". More...
core::PackerEnergy commit_considered_substitution () override=0
 Accept a considered substitution (i.e. make the substitution permanent; commit it). More...
core::PackerEnergy get_energy_current_state_assignment () override=0
 Get the energy resulting from the current set of state assignments. More...
void set_edge_weight (int node1, int node2, Real edge_weight)
Real get_edge_weight (int node1, int node2) const
virtual int get_edge_memory_usage () const =0
virtual void print_current_state_assignment () const =0
void set_errorfull_deltaE_threshold (core::PackerEnergy deltaE) override=0
 Set an error threshold. More...
bool any_vertex_state_unassigned () const override
 Returns true if any node in the graph is in state 0, the unassigned state. More...
void add_to_one_body_energies (ObjexxFCL::FArray1< core::PackerEnergy > &one_body_energies)
 takes one FArray of energies – one energy for each state for each node More...
void update_one_body_energies (ObjexxFCL::FArray1< core::PackerEnergy > &old_energy1b, ObjexxFCL::FArray1< core::PackerEnergy > &new_energy1b)
 decrements the one body energies by the values held in old_energy1b, increments the one body energies by the values held in new_energy1b, and copies new_energy1b into old_energy1b. More...
void zero_one_body_energies_for_node (int node)
void add_to_nodes_one_body_energy (int node_ind, utility::vector1< core::PackerEnergy > const &one_body_energies)
void add_to_nodes_one_body_energy (int node_ind, ObjexxFCL::FArray1< core::PackerEnergy > const &one_body_energies)
void add_to_nodes_one_body_energy (int node_ind, int state_id, core::PackerEnergy const one_body_energy)
 interface to PrecomputedPairEnergiesNode::add_to_nodes_one_body_energy More...
void set_number_of_energy_sum_vertex_groups (int num_groups)
 a user may define subsets of the vertex set for which they would like to know the internal energy sum. For instance in a graph with 6 vertices, {a,b,c,d,e,f} a user may be interested in the sum of the one- and two-body energies for vertices {a,b,c}. The graph will return sum of the one body energies for vertices a b and c and also any two-body energies for the edges in the subgraph induced by a,b, and c. (In this case, edges {a,b}, {a,c} and {b,c} if these edges are part of the graph. The edge {a,d} will not be counted if it is part of the graph.) More...
void set_vertex_member_of_group (int vertex, int group)
 a user may define subsets of the vertex set for which they would like to know the internal energy sum. For instance in a graph with 6 vertices, {a,b,c,d,e,f} a user may be interested in the sum of the one- and two-body energies for vertices {a,b,c}. The graph will return sum of the one body energies for vertices a b and c and also any two-body energies for the edges in the subgraph induced by a,b, and c. (In this case, edges {a,b}, {a,c} and {b,c} if these edges are part of the graph. The edge {a,d} will not be counted if it is part of the graph.) More...
void print_vertex_groups ()
virtual core::PackerEnergy get_energy_sum_for_vertex_group (int group_id)=0
int count_connected_components_and_initialize_vertex_groups ()
 makes a depth first traversal of the graph, counting the number of connected components, and initializes the vertex group memberships to reflect the connected components. Returns the number of connected components in the graph. More...
void note_vertex_reached (int node_index)
 marks a vertex as belonging to the connected component currently being traversed in the depth first traversal. More...
bool vertex_already_reached (int node_index)
 used by class NodeBase during the depth-first traversal to determine the number of connected components in the graph. returns true if the dft has already reached the node. More...
bool get_vertex_member_of_energy_sum_group (int node_index, int group_id)
virtual unsigned int getTotalMemoryUsage () const
void reset_edge_list_iterator_for_node (int node_index) const
 set the Graph's (single) edge list iterator to the beginning of the edge list for a particular node More...
void increment_edge_list_iterator () const
 increment the (single) edge list iterator to the next element More...
bool edge_list_iterator_at_end () const
 test: have we arrived at the edge list end? More...
EdgeBase const & get_edge () const
 return a const reference to an edge pointed at by the list iterator More...
virtual void declare_all_edge_energies_final ()
 Iterates over all edges and calls declare_energies_final() on all of them. Takes O(N) time, where N is the number of edges. More...
EdgeBase const * find_edge (int node1, int node2, bool const use_threadsafe_lookup=false) const
 Find an edge and return a const pointer to it. More...
EdgeBasefind_edge (int node1, int node2, bool const use_threadsafe_lookup=false)
 Find an edge and return a nonconst pointer to it. More...
virtual NodeBasecreate_new_node (int node_index, int num_states)=0
virtual EdgeBasecreate_new_edge (int index1, int index2)=0
NodeBaseget_node (int index) const
int get_num_edges () const
std::list< EdgeBase * >::iterator get_edge_list_begin ()
std::list< EdgeBase * >::iterator get_edge_list_end ()
std::list< EdgeBase * >
get_edge_list_begin () const
std::list< EdgeBase * >
get_edge_list_end () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from core::pack::interaction_graph::AnnealableGraphBase
 AnnealableGraphBase ()
 Constructor. More...
 AnnealableGraphBase (AnnealableGraphBase const &src)
 Copy constructor. More...
 ~AnnealableGraphBase () override
 Destructor. More...
virtual void clean_up_after_packing (core::pose::Pose &pose)
 Provide the opportunity for an AnnealableGraph to clean up cached data in the pose or inside itself after packing. More...

Protected Member Functions

FlexbbNode const * get_flexbb_node (int index) const
 Downcasts. More...
FlexbbNodeget_flexbb_node (int index)
FlexbbEdge const * find_flexbb_edge (int node1, int node2) const
FlexbbEdgefind_flexbb_edge (int node1, int node2)
FlexbbEdge const * cast_flexbb_edge (EdgeBase const *edge) const
FlexbbEdgecast_flexbb_edge (EdgeBase *edge)
void set_enforce_bb_contiguity (bool)
void note_bbjump_substitution ()
void note_fixedbb_substitution ()
bool last_considered_substitution_kept_backbone_fixed () const
bool last_considered_substitution_moved_the_backbone () const
bool last_considered_backbone_sub_unresolved () const
bool last_considered_substitution_unresolved () const
void note_last_considered_substitution_resolved ()
void reset_node_in_moving_flexseg_count ()
int get_num_nodes_changing_state () const
PackerEnergy total_energy_current_state_assignment () const
PackerEnergy total_energy_alternate_state_assignment () const
int node_considering_alt_state () const
 Only allowed to ask for the node considering an alternate state during a fixed-backbone substitution. More...
int flexseg_considering_alt_bb () const
 Only allowed to ask for the flexible segment considering an alternate backbone conformation during a backbone-moving substitution. More...
bool last_considered_backbone_sub_valid () const
int flexseg_for_moltenres (int moltenres) const
void set_total_energy_current_state_assignment (PackerEnergy setting)
void set_total_energy_alternate_state_assignment (PackerEnergy setting)
void set_node_considering_alt_state (int setting)
 Track the last node at which a fixed-backbone substitution took place. More...
void set_flexseg_considering_alt_bb (int setting)
 Track the last flexible segment at which a moving-backbone substitution took place. More...
void set_last_considered_backbone_sub_valid (bool setting)
virtual void update_internal_energy_totals ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from core::pack::interaction_graph::InteractionGraphBase
void clean_up_edges_marked_for_deletion ()
 Remove those edges that have marked themselves for deletion. More...
virtual unsigned int count_static_memory () const =0
void drop_edge (std::list< EdgeBase * >::iterator edge)
 removes edge from edge list at iterator iter More...
int get_node_state_offset (int index) const
bool mine (EdgeBase const *edge) const

Private Member Functions

void set_num_flexsegs (int num_flexsegs)
 Private functions called during initialize() More...
void set_total_num_backbones (int num_backbones)
void set_num_bb_for_node (int node, int numbb)
void set_num_states_per_backbone_for_node (int node, utility::vector1< int > const &states_per_bb)
void set_aatypes_for_node (int node_ind, utility::vector1< int > const &aatypes)
void set_closest_states_on_other_bbs (int node_index, ObjexxFCL::FArray2D_int const &)
 FlexbbInteractionGraph ()
 FlexbbInteractionGraph (FlexbbInteractionGraph const &)

Private Attributes

int num_aa_types_
PackerEnergy total_energy_current_state_assignment_
PackerEnergy total_energy_alternate_state_assignment_
int node_considering_alt_state_
int flexseg_considering_alt_bb_
int num_flexible_segments_
int num_total_bb_
< utility::vector1< core::Size > > 
utility::vector1< int > num_bb_alternatives_for_flexseg_
utility::vector1< int > flexseg_for_bb_
utility::vector1< int > flexseg_bb_offset_
utility::vector1< int > flexseg_for_moltenres_
bool enforce_bb_contiguity_
bool last_sub_attempted_backbone_move_
bool last_considered_backbone_sub_valid_
bool last_considered_backbone_sub_unresolved_
bool last_considered_fixedbb_sub_unresolved_
int num_nodes_changing_state_
int num_commits_since_last_update_

Static Private Attributes

static const int COMMIT_LIMIT_BETWEEN_UPDATES = 20

Member Typedef Documentation

Member Enumeration Documentation


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::~FlexbbInteractionGraph ( )


protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::FlexbbInteractionGraph ( int  num_nodes)
protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::FlexbbInteractionGraph ( )
protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::FlexbbInteractionGraph ( FlexbbInteractionGraph const &  )

Member Function Documentation

FlexbbEdge const* protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::cast_flexbb_edge ( EdgeBase const *  edge) const
FlexbbEdge* protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::cast_flexbb_edge ( EdgeBase edge)
virtual PackerEnergy protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::commit_considered_backbone_move ( ObjexxFCL::FArray1_int &  rotamer_on_node)
pure virtual
virtual void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::consider_backbone_move ( int  bb_id,
core::PackerEnergy delta_energy,
core::PackerEnergy prev_flexseg_energy,
bool valid_motion,
int &  num_nodes_changing_state 
pure virtual
virtual void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::consider_bbmove_w_state_substitution ( int  node_ind,
int  new_state,
core::PackerEnergy delta_energy,
core::PackerEnergy prev_energy_for_flexseg,
bool valid_motion,
int &  num_nodes_changing_state 
pure virtual
unsigned int protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::count_dynamic_memory ( ) const
FlexbbEdge const* protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::find_flexbb_edge ( int  node1,
int  node2 
) const
FlexbbEdge* protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::find_flexbb_edge ( int  node1,
int  node2 
int protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::flexseg_considering_alt_bb ( ) const
int protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::flexseg_for_moltenres ( int  moltenres) const
utility::vector1< core::Size > const& protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::flexseg_members ( int  flexseg) const
void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::get_accessible_states ( Subsitution  move_mode,
utility::vector1< core::Size > &  rotlist 
) const
bool protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::get_backbone_currently_assigned ( int  bbid) const

Is the backbone conformation (in the global enumertion of backbone conformations) already assigned to the network? False if any residue on the flexible segment that this bbid corresponds to is assigned state 0.

References flexseg_for_bb_, flexseg_members_, protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbNode::get_backbone_for_current_state(), and get_flexbb_node().

void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::get_backbone_list ( utility::vector1< core::Size > &  bblist) const

References num_total_bb_.

int protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::get_bb_for_state ( int  node,
int  state 
) const
bool protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::get_enforce_bb_contiguity ( ) const

FlexbbNodes will ask: am I allowed to have a state that breaks the backbone? There are brief periods when the backbone is "broken" as the graph assigns new states to nodes on the same flexible segment.

References enforce_bb_contiguity_.

FlexbbNode const* protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::get_flexbb_node ( int  index) const
FlexbbNode* protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::get_flexbb_node ( int  index)
int protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::get_flexseg_bb_offset ( int  flexseg_id) const
int protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::get_flexseg_for_bb ( int  bb) const
int protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::get_num_aa_types ( ) const

References num_aa_types_.

int protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::get_num_nodes_changing_state ( ) const
int protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::get_num_states_per_backbone_for_node ( int  node,
int  bb 
) const
void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::increment_count_nodes_in_flexseg ( )

Owner keeps a count of the number of nodes undergoing a simultaneous rotamer substitution as the backbone moves.

I don't remember what this is for... prev: increment_count_nodes_in_moving_fragment.

References num_nodes_changing_state_.

Referenced by protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbNode::inform_edges_of_alt_state_before_bbjump().

void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::initialize ( core::pack_basic::RotamerSetsBase const &  rot_sets)
bool protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::last_considered_backbone_sub_unresolved ( ) const
bool protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::last_considered_backbone_sub_valid ( ) const
bool protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::last_considered_substitution_kept_backbone_fixed ( ) const
bool protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::last_considered_substitution_moved_the_backbone ( ) const
bool protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::last_considered_substitution_unresolved ( ) const
int protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::node_considering_alt_state ( ) const
bool protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::nodes_from_same_flexseg ( int  node1,
int  node2 
) const
void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::note_bbjump_substitution ( )
void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::note_fixedbb_substitution ( )
void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::note_last_considered_substitution_resolved ( )
void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::reset_node_in_moving_flexseg_count ( )

at the beginning of backbone-changing substitutions, derived classes must invoke this function to get a proper count of the number of nodes undergoing a simultaneous rotamer substitution

References num_nodes_changing_state_.

Referenced by protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::MinimalistFlexbbInteractionGraph::consider_backbone_move(), and protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::MinimalistFlexbbInteractionGraph::consider_bbmove_w_state_substitution().

void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::set_aatypes_for_node ( int  node_ind,
utility::vector1< int > const &  aatypes 
void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::set_closest_states_on_other_bbs ( int  node_index,
ObjexxFCL::FArray2D_int const &   
void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::set_enforce_bb_contiguity ( bool  setting)
void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::set_flexseg_considering_alt_bb ( int  setting)
void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::set_last_considered_backbone_sub_valid ( bool  setting)
void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::set_node_considering_alt_state ( int  setting)
void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::set_num_bb_for_node ( int  node,
int  numbb 

Only call once. – depricated!

Must include initial backbone as well all the alternative backbones.

References get_flexbb_node(), and protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbNode::set_num_distinct_backbones().

void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::set_num_flexsegs ( int  num_flexsegs)
void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::set_num_states_per_backbone_for_node ( int  node,
utility::vector1< int > const &  states_per_bb 
void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::set_total_energy_alternate_state_assignment ( PackerEnergy  setting)
void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::set_total_energy_current_state_assignment ( PackerEnergy  setting)
void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::set_total_num_backbones ( int  num_backbones)
PackerEnergy protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::total_energy_alternate_state_assignment ( ) const
PackerEnergy protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::total_energy_current_state_assignment ( ) const
void protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::update_internal_energy_totals ( )

Member Data Documentation

const int protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::COMMIT_LIMIT_BETWEEN_UPDATES = 20
bool protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::enforce_bb_contiguity_
utility::vector1< int > protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::flexseg_bb_offset_
int protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::flexseg_considering_alt_bb_
utility::vector1< int > protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::flexseg_for_bb_
utility::vector1< int > protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::flexseg_for_moltenres_
utility::vector1< utility::vector1< core::Size > > protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::flexseg_members_
bool protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::last_considered_backbone_sub_unresolved_
bool protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::last_considered_backbone_sub_valid_
bool protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::last_considered_fixedbb_sub_unresolved_
bool protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::last_sub_attempted_backbone_move_
int protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::node_considering_alt_state_
int protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::num_aa_types_

Referenced by get_num_aa_types(), and initialize().

utility::vector1< int > protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::num_bb_alternatives_for_flexseg_
int protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::num_commits_since_last_update_
int protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::num_flexible_segments_

Referenced by initialize(), and set_num_flexsegs().

int protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::num_nodes_changing_state_
int protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::num_total_bb_
PackerEnergy protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::total_energy_alternate_state_assignment_
PackerEnergy protocols::flexpack::interaction_graph::FlexbbInteractionGraph::total_energy_current_state_assignment_

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