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Exceptions.hh File Reference

Exception Hierarchy for Membrane framework Code. More...

#include <utility/excn/Exceptions.hh>


class  core::conformation::membrane::EXCN_Membrane
 Parent Exception - Exception Membrane. More...
class  core::conformation::membrane::EXCN_Resource_Definition
 Resource Manager Exception. More...
class  core::conformation::membrane::EXCN_Illegal_Arguments
class  core::conformation::membrane::EXCN_Membrane_Bounds
 Membrane Out of Bounds Exception. More...
class  core::conformation::membrane::EXCN_VirtualRsd
 Virtual Residue Definition Exception. More...
class  core::conformation::membrane::EXCN_NonMembrane
 Non Membrane Pose Exception. More...
class  core::conformation::membrane::EXCN_MembraneFoldTree
 Fold tree Exception for membrane proteins. More...


 A class for reading in the atom type properties.

Detailed Description

Exception Hierarchy for Membrane framework Code.

Exception hierarchy extended from utility exceptions - specific to when things go wring in the membrane code. Should be used exclusively in the membrane framework and within JD2 Last Updated: 7/23/14

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