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core::select::residue_selector::ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector Class Reference

Select residues by motif search @detail This selector takes a regular expression and a position and then finds all matches of the regular expression and selects the n-th residue in each match, where 'n' is the specified position. More...

#include <ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector.hh>

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Public Types

typedef core::select::residue_selector::ResidueSelectorOP ResidueSelectorOP
typedef core::select::residue_selector::ResidueSubset ResidueSubset

Public Member Functions

 ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector ()
 Constructor. More...
 ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector (std::string regex, core::Size position_in_motif)
 Constructor for derived classes. More...
 ~ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector () override
 Destructor. More...
ResidueSelectorOP clone () const override
 Clone operator. More...
ResidueSubset apply (core::pose::Pose const &pose) const override
 "Apply" function. More...
void parse_my_tag (utility::tag::TagCOP tag, basic::datacache::DataMap &) override
 XML parse. More...
std::string get_name () const override
 Get the mover class name. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from core::select::residue_selector::ResidueSelector
 ResidueSelector ()
 Constructor. More...
 ~ResidueSelector () override
 Destructor. More...
utility::vector1< core::Sizeselection_positions (core::pose::Pose const &pose) const
 Calls apply and returns the Rosetta numbering corresponding to the selected residues. More...
virtual void provide_citation_info (basic::citation_manager::CitationCollectionList &) const
 Provide citations to the passed CitationCollectionList Subclasses should add the info for themselves and any other classes they use. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string class_name ()
 Get the mover class name. More...
static void provide_xml_schema (utility::tag::XMLSchemaDefinition &xsd)
 Provide XSD information, enabling mechanical validation of input XML. More...

Protected Attributes

std::string regex_
core::Size position_in_motif_

Detailed Description

Select residues by motif search @detail This selector takes a regular expression and a position and then finds all matches of the regular expression and selects the n-th residue in each match, where 'n' is the specified position.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ResidueSelectorOP

◆ ResidueSubset

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector() [1/2]

core::select::residue_selector::ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector::ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector ( )


◆ ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector() [2/2]

core::select::residue_selector::ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector::ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector ( std::string  regex,
core::Size  position_in_motif 

Constructor for derived classes.

◆ ~ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector()

core::select::residue_selector::ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector::~ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ apply()

ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector::ResidueSubset core::select::residue_selector::ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector::apply ( core::pose::Pose const &  pose) const

"Apply" function.

Given the pose, generate a vector of bools with entries for every residue in the pose indicating whether each residue is selected ("true") or not ("false").

Implements core::select::residue_selector::ResidueSelector.

References position_in_motif_, regex_, core::select::residue_selector::regex_usable(), core::pose::Pose::sequence(), and core::select::residue_selector::TR().

◆ class_name()

std::string core::select::residue_selector::ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector::class_name ( )

◆ clone()

core::select::residue_selector::ResidueSelectorOP core::select::residue_selector::ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector::clone ( ) const

Clone operator.

Clone function.

Copy the current object (creating the copy on the heap) and return an owning pointer to the copy. All ResidueSelectors must implement this.

Copy this object and return owning pointer to the copy (created on the heap).

Implements core::select::residue_selector::ResidueSelector.

◆ get_name()

std::string core::select::residue_selector::ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector::get_name ( ) const

Get the mover class name.

Implements core::select::residue_selector::ResidueSelector.

References class_name().

◆ parse_my_tag()

void core::select::residue_selector::ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector::parse_my_tag ( utility::tag::TagCOP  tag,

XML parse.

XML tarse.

Parse RosettaScripts tags and set up this mover.

Reimplemented from core::select::residue_selector::ResidueSelector.

References protocols::pack_daemon::error_message, position_in_motif_, and regex_.

◆ provide_xml_schema()

void core::select::residue_selector::ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector::provide_xml_schema ( utility::tag::XMLSchemaDefinition &  xsd)

Member Data Documentation

◆ position_in_motif_

core::Size core::select::residue_selector::ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector::position_in_motif_

Referenced by apply(), and parse_my_tag().

◆ regex_

std::string core::select::residue_selector::ResidueInSequenceMotifSelector::regex_

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