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job_distributors Directory Reference
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 A class for managing the complexity of requesting jobs from the JobQueen and keeping track of what JobNodes in the JobDAG still have outstanding jobs and for updating the JobDAG.
file  JobExtractor.fwd.hh
 forward header for JobExtractor
file  JobExtractor.hh
 Class to handle the process of requesting jobs from the JobQueen, keeping track of which nodes have their work completed, and which nodes each jobs belong to.
 implementation of MPIWorkPoolJobDistributor
file  MPIWorkPoolJobDistributor.fwd.hh
 forward header for MPIWorkPoolJobDistributor
file  MPIWorkPoolJobDistributor.hh
 jd3 version of header for MPIWorkPoolJobDistributor - intended for MPI jobs on large numbers of nodes where the head node is dedicated to handing out new jobs to workers. This code cannot be compiled without C++11 and Serialization, but it can be compiled without MPI.
 MultiThreadedJobDistributor class definition.
file  MultiThreadedJobDistributor.fwd.hh
 MultiThreadedJobDistributor class declaration.
file  MultiThreadedJobDistributor.hh
 VanillaJobDistributor class method definitions.
file  VanillaJobDistributor.fwd.hh
file  VanillaJobDistributor.hh