Rosetta 3.1 Release Manual

Score Function Options

Here is a list of Score Funtion options
-score:weights              	Name of weights file (without extension .wts)
			    	Default="standard". [String]
-score:patch			Name of patch file (without extension)
				Default="". [String]
-score:dun08			Use the 2008 Dunbrack library instead of the 
				2002 library. [Boolean]
-score:empty			Make an empty score - i.e. NO scoring. [Boolean]
-score:fa_max_dis		How far does the FA pair potential go out to.
				Defaule = '6.0'. [Real]
-score:fa_Hatr			Turn on Lennard Jones attractive term for hydrogen 
				atoms. [Boolean]
-score:no_smooth_etables	Revert to old style etables. [Boolean]
-score:etable_lr		Lowers energy well at 6.5A. [Real]
-score:input_etables		Read etables from files with given prefix. [String]
-score:output_etables		Write out etables to files with given prefix.
-score:rms_target		Target of RMS optimization for RMS_Energy EnergyMethod' 
				Default='0.0' [Real]
-score:ramaneighbors		Uses neighbor-dependent ramachandran maps
				Default='false' [Boolean]
-score:optH_weights		Name of weights file (without extension .wts) to use 
				during optH. [String]
-score:optH_patch		Name of weights file (without extension .wts) to use 
				during optH. [String]

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