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Surface Docking Crash (continued)

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Surface Docking Crash (continued)


This is a continuation of an earlier thread, but I am still having trouble getting the surface_docking application to accept my inputs of a protein and ice surface. After correcting issues with hydrogen naming and now using the -ignore_waters false flag so that rosetta does not delete the ice surface, I am still getting the following error (this was all the error output):

surface_docking.linuxgccdebug: src/protocols/surface_docking/ void protocols::surface_docking::SurfaceDockingProtocol::split_protein_surface_poses(const core::pose::Pose&, core::pose::Pose&, core::pose::Pose&): Assertion `valid_surface_pose( pose )' failed.
Got some signal... It is:6
Process was aborted!

I assume this means it does not like the surface geometry or the surface vector. Anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions?



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Tue, 2017-09-12 06:18