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Relax with constraints in PyRosetta

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Relax with constraints in PyRosetta

Hello everyone,


I am trying to relax a structure while also applying constraints on spesific locations in order to force these locations to be a spesific distance appart.

so far my code is as follows:

constraints = pyrosetta.rosetta.protocols.simple_moves.ConstraintSetMover()

scorefxn = get_fa_scorefxn()
relax = pyrosetta.rosetta.protocols.relax.FastRelax()



I think what I wrote is complete non-sense because it is not working at all. Can someone guide me to the correct way to preform relax with constraints in PyRosetta?

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Tue, 2017-11-21 10:17

I believe the thing you're missing is that you're running with a scorefunction which has the constraint weights turned to zero. You both need to set the constraints in the pose *and* enable the constraint terms in the scorefunction. You can check this with the show() function of the ScoreFunction object. It should show the scoreterms with non-zero weights. If the constraint terms aren't there, you'll need to enable them.

To do this, you can use the _cst version of whichever scorefunction you're using. (e.g. 'talaris2014_cst' or 'ref2015_cst'). You can't use the conveince function for this, but you can call the scorefunction factory directly:

scorefxn = pyrosetta.rosetta.core.scoring.ScoreFunctionFactory.create_score_function('ref2015_cst')


Alternatively, you can set the appropriate weights (atom_pair_constraint, angle_constraint,  coordinate_constraint, dihedral_constraint, and res_type_constraint) to 1.0 using the scorefxn.set_weight() function -- note that this uses a core.scoring.ScoreType object (found under the `core.scoring` namespace), rather than a string.

Fri, 2017-12-01 10:06