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99% success rate in unit test, Will it work?

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99% success rate in unit test, Will it work?

I am new to Rosetta and trying to install in my workstation. After installation when I  ran the unit test, and it is showing like a 99% success rate. Is it ok to now run the program or I need to fix the issues? If not can you please help me out to fix that? 

After doing this, 

python test/ --mode=debug -j32

I am getting

-------- Unit test summary --------
Total number of tests: 3469
  number tests passed: 3451
  number tests failed: 18
  failed tests:
    core.test: conformation_stored_restypes_tests:test_load_pdb
    core.test: conformation_stored_restypes_tests:test_load_pdb_with_pose_copy
    core.test: conformation_stored_restypes_tests:test_score_restype_noset
    core.test: conformation_stored_restypes_tests:test_pack_restype_noset
    core.test: conformation_stored_restypes_tests:test_min_restype_noset
    core.test: conformation_stored_restypes_tests:test_load_restype_conf
    core.test: conformation_stored_restypes_tests:test_cartmin_restype_noset
    core.test: conformation_stored_restypes_tests:test_serialization
    protocols.test: StructureDataTests:test_move_segments
    protocols.test: StructureDataTests:test_enzdes_remarks
    protocols.test: StructureDataTests:test_slice
    protocols.test: StructureDataTests:test_non_peptidic_bonds
    protocols.test: AlignResiduesMoverTests:test_tomponent_cstfile
    protocols.test: GenericSimulatedAnnealerTests:test_boltzmann
    protocols.test: StructureDataTests:test_delete_segment
    protocols.test: GenericSimulatedAnnealerTests:test_acceptance
    protocols.test: GenericSimulatedAnnealerTests:test_checkpointing
    protocols.test: AlignResiduesMoverTests:test_align_theozyme
Success rate: 99%
---------- End of Unit test summary

Please help me out

Thank you in advance

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Thu, 2018-11-15 23:48

That's concerning -- the pass rate should be 100% on all public releases, and in our hands on our testing server, it is.  It suggests a system-specific problem that we need to fix.  Which compiler were you using, what is your operating system, and what version of Rosetta are you running?   Also could you run one of the tests that failed and post the output here?  (For example, ./test/ --mode=debug conformation_stored_restypes_tests).

Tue, 2020-08-04 10:46