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how to find help informations on rosetta_scripts in rosetta3.10

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how to find help informations on rosetta_scripts in rosetta3.10


I am just learning how to use rosetta_scripts and I do not know how to find some descriptions on example xml and its contents in rosetta suit. I am wondering whether anyone can help out. I would much appreciated.

I want to find some help information on the alanine_scan.xml. 

 I find that there is a subdirectory called rosetta_scripts_scripts under the ~rosetta/main directory.  It is empty.  I am wondering whether there is some wrong with my compiling. Also, I am wondering whether I can find someting about resetta_scripts under the database directory, as did not find something called rosettascripts or scripts.

Under main/source/scripts/public, there are three subdirectories, cryoem, design and docking.

I want to find something useful for alanine scanning and I find that the design/interface subdirectory is empty. I am wondering whether there is some wrong with my compiling.

I am wondering anyone can please tell me where I can find help information on the rosetta_scripts and descriptions about scorefxns, mover, filter in the rosetta suit.

Thank you very much.


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Mon, 2019-08-26 14:48

Unfortunatly, the documentation for some of our examples is less than one could hope for.

For general information about RosettaScripts, see This will give you info about RosettaScripts in general, and how each of the individual components behave, but will not necessarily give you any information about full protocols.

The  rosetta_scripts_scripts directory is an attempt to do a better job of documenting and disseminating various full protocols in RosettaScripts. However, until early-ish 2019 (which would include Rosetta 3.10) the directory was present but none of the contents were included in the released versions. This has nothing to do with compilation -- the compilation should only affect the binarys in the main/source/bin directory. Any of the text-based files (such as example XMLs) would not be part of the compilation.

The main/source/scripts/rosetta_scripts/public/ was an earlier attempt to disseminate RosettaScripts XMLs. The general outline may have been scaffolded, but the actual content may not have ever made it into those locations.

Generally speaking, the best place to find example XML scripts is in the published literature. If you find a paper using Rosetta to do something you're interested in (or doing something similar to what you're interested in) you should look into which scripts they're using, and if they include those scripts as part of a protocol capture or as a separate repository. Unfortunately, you're often at the mercy of the paper author as to how much/how in depth they document such scripts. Often there's only de minimis documentation about the script, and you'll have to infer the proper usage from the context it was used in the paper.

Mon, 2019-08-26 15:13

Thank you very very much for helping!!!

Mon, 2019-08-26 15:20

Thank you very much for answering.

I have another question. If I want to get more descriptions about options for a particular  mover of filter, like what the '-help' does. Could you please teach me how to get more description on the syntax about a particular mover or filter in Rosetta3.10 suit.  The reason I ask so is that I found someone uses the option 'ddG_mover' under DdGScan filter but I did not find explaination about it on

So I am wondering how to use help command in rosetta_scripts.

Thanks again.


Mon, 2019-08-26 16:01

See for how to get information about RosettaScripts components from the command line. (Often this doesn't give any more info than the online documentation, but occasionally it does.)

Tue, 2019-08-27 07:14

It is really helpful. Thank you very very much for helping!!!!

Tue, 2019-08-27 08:37