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Energy function and iteration script files

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Energy function and iteration script files

Dear fellows,

I am studying to add a restricted item which is generated from our contact map to the energy function of rosetta, but now I don't know how can I add this item to it, can anyone tell me which script files I should read in the local rosetta sever (I plan to use the method " AbinitioRelax.default.linuxgccrelease" , or tell me where the energy function file of the executable file in local rosetta sever and give me some inspiration about that)? Or can anyone tell me how I should modify the energy function file and iteration file of rosetta local sever.Because I only get the executable file "AbinitioRelax.default.linuxgccrelease" in the compiled rosetta, but I don't know how it is generated and how to modify some scripts to add my new item for energy function and further iteration. 

I will be sincerely grateful for your response and help and I am looking forward to it.

Best regards,


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Fri, 2019-09-27 09:06

I am interpreting your question to mean "I want to add experimental data to a Rosetta AbinitioRelax job to influence the score function".  


The tool for that is called constraints:

Fri, 2019-09-27 11:54