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PyRosetta Anadonca3 Content-Length error

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PyRosetta Anadonca3 Content-Length error

Hello everyone,


I am trying to install PyRosetta through anaconda, using this command from my active venv: conda install pyrosetta.


But I keep getting this error:

CondaError: Downloaded bytes did not match Content-Length
  url: https://*****:*****
  target_path: /***/***/***/.conda/pkgs/pyrosetta-2019.44+release.5aed75f-py37_0.tar.bz2
  Content-Length: 1242451104
  downloaded bytes: 38758690


I kept reading online for a solution, but I was unable to figure out what to solve, it. Has someone faced the same issue? is there a spesific way to install PyRosetta other than what is mentioned in


the system is a linux red hat, 64-bit, and using python3


- - - UPDATE - - -


I tried downloading the PyRosetta source file and I used the following command to install it: conda install --offline {PYROSETTA}.tar.bz2 but I got this error:

FileNotFoundError(2, ‘No such file or directory’)

That is the whole error, nothing else, and it does not identify what is the missing items.


Please help.

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Thu, 2019-10-31 04:19