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FARFAR2 error

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FARFAR2 error

Hi ROSIE and FARFAR2 team,

       I used FARFAR2 to test the 3D structure prediction of several RNAs two weeks ago with native PDB uploaded. But all the jobs were finally dead with the error message "2-rescore_to_native_or_lowest". Could you tell me why this happened? You can find the sequence, 2D structure, and native PDB in the attachment.

      Another problem is that recently I cannot submit jobs using FARFAR2. It stopped in the process "Submitting FARFAR2 job..." and did not proceed any more. I tested Chrome and Firefox web browser, but neither of them worked.



1a60.seq_.txt58 bytes
1a60.2d.txt45 bytes
1a60.pdb108.01 KB
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Tue, 2020-02-11 08:09

There may be a bug you've caught with handling of a supplied native PDB. I will debug this and push a fix over the next couple days. (We made a number of upgrades in recent days that may have introduced new issues.)

Thanks for using the server!

Tue, 2020-02-11 08:11


I cannot submit any jobs to FarFar2 using the option:

"Use [almost] any options available to command line FARFAR2, including local template structures, "general" secondary structure (allowing noncanonical pairs), chemical mapping data, and more."


Thank you!!



Mon, 2020-04-20 01:56


I uplodad two RNA sequences in to farfar2 to get RNS three dimensional structures and after three days the running failed for both sequences without any

Error message. I did not submit secondary structues of RNA, so that might couse the error?





Mon, 2022-10-03 00:53


The rosie-2 server seems to have stopped to start new job since 2022/09/28 13:28. I there any reason ? Is there a date for return to normal function ?


Tue, 2022-10-04 00:37